Thursday, April 23, 2015

CCR 04-23-15 Focus On Voting Right

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Dear CCR Readers:

   Seldom, if ever, does staff of the CCR take the easy road and just publish the work of someone else.  However, the upcoming election is so critical to our city the following information should be shared with the entire CCR readership list.
   While previous CCR reports have supported David Palmer (Place 8) and Bill Mahoney (Place 6 ), the following report adds even more emphasis to the need for voters to know the character of the candidates (both incumbents) they are running against.
   Of significance is the fact that both LaMorgese and Spink expressed no regrets or remorse at the League of Women Voters forum for their previous vote and actions of dividing the city over the State HB 562 resolution…which had no bearing on Irving.  (And it certainly had no relationship to "protecting" the US Constitution or women’s rights as the incumbents would have you believe.)  
   This fact alone should alert voters that the true interest of the incumbents was to sate the political interest of a national political party over citizen concerns.  And this is truly a sad affair when a local politico places self-interest over citizen interests.
   Read the following report, but remember one thing: If you have questions, contact the organization who released the material, Focus Irving PAC.  Staff of the CCR is merely acting as the "kidney" in providing this information.  

…………………………Mark Holbrook  


Once again for the reading impaired: The following survey was not conducted by the CCR; the CCR is not responsible for the information contained in the survey results; the CCR passes the information along to ensure Irving voters are aware of what is transpiring in the community.  Now do you understand?

April 22, 2015
For Immediate Release

Focus Irving, PAC 
Survey 2015 Results
Candidate Endorsement

Focus Irving, PAC, an independent community based group, recently conducted a survey of Irving residents asking for their opinion concerning ethics in local government and other issues. We want to thank the 603 active registered voters who participated in Survey 2015. Your valuable feedback is an important measurement of how people feel in our City as they consider their participation in local elections. We are pleased to provide this summary of survey results and our corresponding candidate endorsement.

Survey 2015 Results (603 respondents)

87% - think it is wrong for elected officials to sell their private business products directly to the City

86% - would not vote to re-elect a City Council member found guilty of selling their private business products to the City

84% - think it is wrong for a politician to lie about their educational background

71% - think it is wrong for elected officials to give preferential treatment to campaign donors

71% - are not satisfied with the condition of Irving neighborhood streets

70% - are concerned about the recent cluster of earthquakes in Irving (76% among females and 62% among males)

62% - believe Irving should continue to regulate the sale of alcohol in the City

Candidate Endorsement

This year, only one City Council position will be voted on by all the voters in Irving. Place 8 is an at-large position representing the entire City. Focus Irving recently conducted Survey 2015 where respondents weighed in heavily concerning their expectations for ethics, integrity, and commitment in our local elected officials.

After a thorough examination of public records, in addition to consideration for the results of Survey 2015, Focus Irving, an independent community based group, represented by residents throughout Irving, recommends and endorses voting for David Palmer for the Irving City Council, at-large Place 8. The City election this year is Saturday, May 9th. Early voting begins on Monday, April 27th.

Focus Irving, PAC supports the overwhelming demand in our City for ethics, integrity, and commitment in our local elected officials. Easily available public records are the foundation of our endorsement for David Palmer for the Irving City Council.

Ethics - Profiting from public office 

As was confirmed and reported by the Dallas Morning News, since becoming an elected official, Tom Spink, through his private business and agent, has sold millions of dollars of life insurance policies directly to the City of Irving. After admitting commission payments were paid to his private business, Tom Spink defended the practice by publicly commenting, "I've been in the business for 50 years, there's no sense going anywhere else."

David Palmer has committed to strengthen our Code of Ethics Policy making it illegal for elected officials to sell their private business products directly to the City. 

Integrity - False claims of higher education

Tom Spink has repeatedly claimed to have an Engineering degree from the University of Arkansas, a Masters degree (MBA) from Wichita State, and a doctorate of law (JD) from LaSalle University. None of these degrees are documented or can be verified at any of these University's public records.

David Palmer received an Associates degree from Richland College, a Bachelors degree (BBA) from SMU, a Masters degree (MBA) from SMU, and a doctorate of law degree (JD) from DePaul University. These degrees are documented and can be verified at each University. 

Commitment - Promising to be partial to cash campaign contributors

Tom Spink has admitted, in the Dallas Morning News, “I am as partial as anyone else to those who contribute. I will listen to a donor". "There is a conflict of interest when taking a campaign dollar.” He subsequently voted to approve a $10,000,000 taxpayer giveaway to a prominent developer and campaign donor. 

David Palmer does not believe elected officials should be partial to anyone. He has repeatedly stated that every resident deserves respect and attention to their concerns. Supporting excessive taxpayer giveaways and showing favoritism to campaign donors is unacceptable. 

Tom Spink profiting from public service, lying about college degrees, and pledging favoritism to campaign donors does not "pass the smell test" for ethics, integrity, and commitment. It's time for a change, it's time to "clear the air" at City Hall.

David Palmer has served as a volunteer in our City for over 20 years, including over seven years as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner. His genuine commitment to our community, his experience and education, and his proven leadership skills are assets badly needed on our City Council. 

Thank you for your continued support for Focus Irving and our mission to ensure good government in our Irving community. Please remember to vote in the upcoming election. Your voice matters. 

*** All information documented and previously published by the Dallas Morning News