Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CCR 04-29-15 Torofeca in the Fan

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Today’s verse, dear readers, is from 1:CCR 4-29It reads: In the beginning, there was truth.  Then, the primordial soup oozed out lying politicians to curse and snooker the righteous for all eternity…or at least until they failed to be re-elected.

   While staff of the CCR hates to keep beating the educational-Trojan horse council member Tom Spink rides to breech the city hall gates, the apparent fabrication of his educational credentials seems to be growing with the speed of Pinocchio’s nose.  How so?

   Well, Spink will not clear the smog of his educational background until AFTER the election.  And in the meantime, the mayor is dispatching her minions to FaceBook in an effort to quell the turmoil Spink’s lack of fortitude has produced.  And the rationale, backstory and pablum these individuals are pimping just doesn’t seem to be selling.  That’s wrong.  

   The flaky rationale of the queen’s minions on FaceBook is selling…like a regenerated-2015 Edsel, but even less attractive (than the 1958 model) and with the new car aroma of Torofeca.

   With all this going on, it seems as if Spink is more interested in being re-elected than leveling with the citizens to state what the truth of his self-produced education conundrum might actually be.

   Sadly, this educational fiasco has been following Spink’s political career in Irving for years and years, but just now witnessed the light of day.  One has to wonder about how many of Spink’s prior votes on council items and his position taken on various issues might now be questionable.

   Maybe not, since he generally voted as the mayor dictated!  And we all know she is a pillar of transparency. (snicker)  

   For the full story and detail, Irving’s reporter of record for the DMN, Avi Selk, has captured all of the particulars with meticulous detail and undisputed FACTS in the following publication link.  Of significance, in the article, is Spink’s reluctance to set the record straight until AFTER the election.  

   And this, dear citizens, is a shame. A politico duping voters, who expect honesty and integrity in their elected officials, should rank right up there as a capital offense…maybe not just passed off as a typo or proofreading error by a third party extremely loyal to the candidate and mayor.

   (The mayor is heavily invested in the re-election of Spink as he has assisted her in dividing the city when the council passed the resolution supporting the State HB 562 resolution.)

   But then, we will not know the answers to Spink’s educational-fabrication dilemma as he has apparently cut off his political tongue with Occam’s razor.  His tongue will be regrown and his voice is expected to return  on May 10th.  Until then, he will be about as silent on this issue as he is on most other council items.

   To bring slower readers of the CCR  up to speed and for those who do not tweet, the following reflects the busy day Dylan Westie, Executive editor and Part-time wordsmith for the CCR, put in.  The following represents the short versions of what transpired when the Torofeca hit Tom Spink’s fan.

Dylan’s Tweets

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Apr 29
Pet Rock Spink cannot remember education background, but never forgets to vote as QueenB (Irving mayor) dictates at 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Apr 29
Spink's sordid education fabrication tale takes a twist as QueenB VD (Irving mayor) dispatches damage control team to push more Torofeca.

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Apr 29
It’s ridiculous. Spink will not come out of his bunker to explain education fabrications, so a Queen’s minion accepts blame on FaceB. Sure!


     Previous supporters and potential voters for Spink should really question the upcoming ballot for Place 8 and ask one simple question:  If this individual worked for you and had fabricated details to secure a position in your company, would you really want them to continue to work for you after finding out the truth?  What level of trust would you have in their work?  (Sorry, that was two questions.)

   Perhaps, staff of the CCR doesn’t need to answer those questions.  Native intelligence dictates the work place, elected governmental positions and public trust should only be driven by those demonstrating honesty and integrity. 

   All others need not apply…or run for re-election.

……………………………….Mark Holbrook 

Suggestion:  When Spink does finally get around to telling the Irving citizens what his bona fides might be for his educational experiences, would he also release how many bucks QueenB VDs Sugar Daddy donors contributed at the Viá Real campaign slush fund party.  If you recall, Viá Real was having a private soiree, "by invitation only," to suck in money for Spink and LaMorgese’s campaign funds.  (Seriously, these folks only want the best politicians money can buy.) 

   The technicalities of this affair do have the aroma of stepping on a couple Texas Ethics Code issues.  But that’s a subject for another day to check out when the campaign finance reports for Spink and LaMorgese are released.  After all, Viá Real is not registered as a PAC…to the knowledge of the CCR staff.