Thursday, April 30, 2015

CCR/DW 04-30-15 Education-gate Flunking?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Dear Readers:  

   Have the Flying Harpies changed course and removed their protective shields from around the Spink Education-gate controversy?  Why did the Irving blog posting, where an individual ‘fell on the sword’ in defense of Spink, suddenly disappear last evening?  Does Spink still collect his share (split with LaMorgese) of all the Viá Real contributions from QueenB VDs Sugar Daddy supporters who donated during the private "by invitation only" soiree?  Did Spink and LaMorgese each receive a $250 gift card from Viá Real for their blathering at the function?  When will QueenB VD issue a statement regarding the Spink Education-gate fiasco?  Does integrity, honesty and transparency only become important to QueenB VD AFTER the May 9th election?  Will QueenB VD continue to pull out all the stops to see that her two Pet Rocks, Spink and LaMorgese, are re-elected?  Is QueenB VDs Tea sippin’ pals, State reps "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi, working up another resolution for the city council to pass in support of the Spink Education-gate sham?  Will QueenB VD cancel all photo ops with Spink and pretend that wasn’t her in the earlier brochure editions?  Will the scales fall off voters eyes during early voting and on election day to end the Spink Education-gate saga which has gone on for years and years?  

   With all these questions surrounding the re-election efforts of Spink, Dylan Westie, Executive editor and Part-time wordsmith for the CCR, is beginning to have a touch of tendonitis in his paws. 

   (Do you realize how difficult it is for a canine to type this much Torofeca when politicos play the hide and "I’m not talking about that" game?)

   To ensure readers of the CCR are kept current, this joint report is today’s entry.  Voters should stay tuned.  Who knows what new developments might occur while early voting is happening?

   Dylan promises to stay on top of the Spink Education-gate controversy should there be any breaking news…or confessions.

   Right now, Dylan is checking in with Area 51, near Roswell, NM, to see if maybe any answers to the Spink Education-gate are secreted in one of the captured saucers. 

   And that is about as believable as what was offered on an Irving blog last evening regarding Spink Education-gate.

……………………….Mark Holbrook

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Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Apr 30
Spink’s "statement" on his council resumé controversy channels an old politico: "I did not have sex w/that education institution, LaSalle."

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Apr 30
When ‘Big Sis’ #myopinionsonlyareright troubled with truth and facts on local Irving blog, all traces deleted. Spink is happy! Censorship?

Additional (factual) details: DMN, Avi Selk, 04-29-15: