Thursday, May 14, 2015

CCR 05-14-15 Pet Rock Shopping Spree

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

News Flash:  Irving voters should be concerned and very worried about the run off election scheduled for June 13.

Brief History:  Remember how BVD campaigned twice for mayor on the plank that her opponent (Gears) had opened the flood gates of soliciting and amassing large amounts of campaign cash from an individual (BBB) who had close/personal ties to the Entertainment Center?  Remember how she stated, and included in brochures and mailings, she would change this sleazy process and eliminate the ability of folks to do this in the future?
   Yes, the mayor was going to eliminate all those back room deals with pocket-lining special interests.  This was her main campaign pledge, promise and pimping.

Guess What Is Happening Now:  From all outward appearances, BVD is in the process of pushing, soliciting, collecting and assisting in spending political campaign cash at a level never witnessed in Irving!  Surely, staff of the CCR teases.  Nope!

   Just in case you haven’t read the latest CCR reports carefully, BVDs handlers have established the "Irving Opportunity Council."  This "council" was responsible for three brochures (featuring BVD) during the last week of the recent general election campaign.  

   Part of the rationale for mailing the brochures was to discredit councilman Joe Putnam with the hopes of replacing him with one of his opponents…slated to become a new Pet Rock in her queenly court.

   So what were the other problems with the brochure mailings?  The brochures were funded and financed by "Irving Opportunity Council."  This group is set up as a "domestic non-profit corporation."  Unlike a PAC where the records are available to the general public, a domestic non-profit corporation does not owe any accountability to the general public…or voters.  Today, no one knows who paid for the brochures or what the total cost to produce had to be.

   And all this means BVDs cronies, special interest concerns and single source developers, those she has courted for the past five years, can give, donate or contribute to "Irving Opportunity Council" without having their names or amounts published.  Think: Political slush fund to buy votes and influence elections…deep under the political radar.

   Simply stated, BVD has an unlimited campaign war chest available to spread and spend all over the city for candidates she and her handlers have chosen.

   And BVD actually considers this flim-flam/shady guise open, transparent and atop-the-table government?  Hardly!

   "Irving Opportunity Council" was filed with the Texas Secretary of State and has set up an Austin office with the registered agent, Gober Hilgers, PLLC.  The directors of this "domestic non-profit corporation" are (no surprises here) Marvin Randle, Joe Mapes and Scott Yeldell, who listed Austin as his office address.
   (It is believed Yeldell has also worked with the consulting firm BVD utilized after her last mayoral race. She paid $8,500, in the fall of 2014 alone, for "personal consulting" advice from his reported employer.  Read: How to look politically good and win elections for yourself and others while carry the Tea Party banner.)

   How does all of this effect the run off election?  Whether Putnam’s opponent wants it or not, anticipate "Irving Opportunity Council" to have all the tools available and to pull out all the stops to replace the Pet Rock she lost with Tom Spink.  In the past, those campaign activities have included mailers, big signs, mayoral endorsements, neighborly letters from Irving Opportunity Council directors and plenty of telephone chats.

   Putnam’s opponent may cry his non-involvement, not wanting, or "it doesn’t matter" what "Irving Opportunity Council" does and this should not register with voters.  After all, whether he wants the assistance of Irving Opportunity Council or not, he will be the beneficiary of their actions and activities…just as he is already the beneficiary of the support of Spink followers and the mayor’s Flying Harpies.

   Even if Putnam’s opponent rants he did not request their support, or that he is not affiliated with "Irving Opportunity Council," the fact remains he will be indebted to BVD and the other Pet Rocks if he is elected.  And how could he not be?  

   "Irving Opportunity Council" might be the margin of support and information flow assuring his victory when one considers the money which could be spent on his behalf.

   Ordinary citizens will have to unite, work diligently, and spread the word that south Irving is under attack and not for sale to north Irving monied interest affiliated with the "Irving Opportunity Council."  The interest of this pseudo-do-good group IS NOT south Irving.  The interest of this group IS POLITICAL CONTROL of the city council.  

   If Putnam’s opponent wins due to "Irving Opportunity Council’s" participation in the run off election, south Irving will remain the adopted, red headed step-child it has been for the past ten years.  And any thoughts of 'beautiful downtown Irving’ ever reaching its glory days will have to take the back seat to the mayor’s north Irving special interest groups, single source developers and Sugar Daddy contributors to "Irving Opportunity Council." 

   So, just recall the old days when BVD was screeching about how honesty and integrity would be returned to city hall if she was elected mayor.  Apparently, she took a different fork in the road that led to protecting the concerns of her special interest groups who were co-dependent with her self-aggrandizing agenda by even assisting in keeping her ego inflated. 

   In this District 4 run off election, Irving is on the tipping point for south Irving.  
   And "Irving Opportunity Council" is prepared to push ordinary south Irving voters over the cliff with their unrestricted campaign cash expenditures.  Are you going to let money buy a council member who will be beholden to this cabal of special interest?

   Joe Putnam needs your support and vote.  He has been your representative for many years and always worked to protect your interest.  Reward him for a job well done and solicit your friends and neighbors to get out the vote on his behalf.  Advise your friends and associates as to the importance of this run off election.

Early Voting: June 1-9 (only at city hall)
Election Day: June 13

   Irving should not be run by monied interest directed by the mayor for those standing to profit on the backs of tax payers.

   It appears Irving’s "queen of ethics" (snicker) could stand to spend some time in an ethics rehab center.  Who knows?  A brief stint might just resolve more than her ethical and self-aggrandizing issues that have run amok. 

……………………………….Mark Holbrook