Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CCR 05-27-15 District 4 Wants You

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

May 27, 2015

Dear Irving District 4 Voter:

   The run off election Saturday, June 13, 2015, will have a significant impact on the future our city…south Irving in particular.  And this claim is substantiated by many who keep up with the local political environment.  Early voting is June 1-9 at city hall.

   A primary reason this run off election is so critical is due to the fact the mayor and a coalition of her mega-campaign donors, who have her ear and possibly the string tied to her voting arm, have formed a new clandestine group to amass political cash to influence elections.  This group is registered as "Irving Opportunity Council."

   For the record, "Irving Opportunity Council" is not an elected body or council, membership is gained primarily by contributing large sums of money to a political war chest, and the amounts and contributors to this campaign slush fund are hidden from public notice.  The monies collected by this group even have a specific name among PAC and political operatives — dark money

   Bottom Line: Look out for the likelihood "Irving Opportunity Council" will be spending considerable sums of money during this run off election cycle to gain political control of south Irving while ceding the district’s interest to the mayor and her north Irving "dark money" contributors.   

   Councilman Joe Putnam has served the residents of south Irving for a number of years and has done so with pride and total consideration of residents’ needs.  He is not beholden to power brokers, special interest concerns, or the mayor’s cabal of campaign cash operatives.  Simply put, he should be re-elected based on his record of achievements for south Irving and the fact he does not believe south Irving is for sale to political misanthropes.

   Councilman Putnam’s opponent, a retired city employee, in the run off election has already accepted campaign funds from one of the mayor’s cohorts.  South Irving voters should not roll the dice and "hope" Putnam’s opponent will represent their interest.  This is especially true, since he does not have a track record of working for south Irving causes before deciding to fill part of his retirement time by running for political office.

   I have learned not only does Joe Putnam do his homework on every city issue, but he is not swayed by the fluff and puff of developers, campaign contributors, or special interest concerns attempting to win council consideration for a favorable vote.

   I know Joe Putnam is honest, straightforward and exhibits the high integrity we wish we could witness in all our elected officials.   I have counted on and utilized his ability to discern the truth behind issues, as I knew his actions were always pointed toward what was best for the city…not those with special interest.

   In this run off election, you probably will be flooded with brochures, phone calls, mailings, and FaceBook postings by the mayor’s cohorts…as well as the customary and feckless gossip whisperers.  While all of these materials will reflect who you should vote for, remember one thing: Experience at this critical time in the city’s history is more important than a pretty story for a candidate (Putnam’s opponent) listing unverifiable platitudes which could have been paid for by the dark money of "Irving Opportunity Council."

   Please make every effort to vote in the run off election, as the total number of those voting will be marginal.  

  Even though Judy and I cannot vote in District 4, we would appreciate all of our friends and associates to help return one of the better council members the city has by voting for Joe Putnam.


Mike and Judy Howard