Friday, May 29, 2015

CCR 05-29-15 Dark Money Washes Ashore

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   South Irving, your wake up call has just sounded!

   Never one to say, "We told you so," but we did.  In fact, we have said it several times.  The "dark money" hidden from public view with anonymous donors has now flooded south Irving and is washing ashore in an effort to buy the run off election for the opponent of Councilman Joe Putnam.

   Once again, south Irving is not for sale!  Are you going to sit by and allow this to happen?

   QueenB VD and her north Irving cash cow cronies, with the political slush fund of "dark money" secreted in their Irving Opportunity Council(1) trough, has now spent funds for an anti-Councilman Putnam brochure mailing.  This use of this "dark money" is not only a travesty, but the mailing itself is totally disingenuous. 

   (And their cutesy "slogan" reads similar to a high school cheerleader shaking a pom-pom.) 

   The mailing attempts to cast doubts on a singular issue without any detail or explanation as to the circumstances causing Councilman Putnam’s vote on the item.

   Additionally, the mailing is a smear piece which doesn’t even tell voters why they should vote for Putnam’s opponent.  And the reason the mailing cannot state Putnam’s opponent’s position on the issue is due to his silence about all city issues since he retired from being an employee of the city.  

   FACT CHECK: Yes, Putnam voted against the "tax decrease" which later was absorbed by your appraisal value going up.  Why?  
   (This is what Irving Opportunity Council doesn’t want you to know!)  
   The reason Putnam voted against this political sham of a tax decrease proposed by QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks was: 1) The tax decrease took money away from south Irving which included projects like street repairs, southwest Irving recreation center, the south Irving ambulance and the Irving History Museum; 2) The vote against the tax decrease would not allow sufficient funds to complete building of the previously requested essential new north Irving fire station; 3) The tax decrease was merely a political resumé ploy by QueenB VD to gain favor with her TEA Party pals and mega-donors.

   Where was Putnam’s opponent when all these discussions were taking place?  Did he only develop concerns for south Irving when he decided to run for political office?  He has had several years to work for south Irving issues, but only seems to be concerned around election cycles.

   Additionally, his silence on south Irving issues is only matched by his allowing QueenB VD and her cash cow cronies, single source developers, special interest groups, and anonymous donors to Irving Opportunity Council to flood mega-bucks into the campaign to unseat Councilman Putnam.

   (Not only is Irving Opportunity Council attempting to buy south Irving with north Irving and out of town "dark money," but they probably will have bought, in the process, a council representative who will be beholden to their desires in the process.)  

   Concerning the required fire department needs eliminated when the tax decrease was implemented, QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks later reinstated these items in the budget right before the general election.  This was done as a political sham to falsely allow her two Pet Rocks (Spink and LaMorgese) to claim they were working hard for south Irving.

   (If this smells like political pandering to obtain votes, then go to the head of the class…because it was.)

   As this is only the first salvo which will probably be issued by the Irving Opportunity Council "dark money," be prepared.  If you recall, this anonymous group sent out three similar mailings in the general election in their attempt to re-elect Tom Spink.  However, astute voters were smart enough to see through the political Torofeca being spread and sent Spink packing.

   And this is what should be done with Councilman Putnam’s opponent…send him packing to visit with his north Irving benefactors who want to buy south Irving for political control by Irving Opportunity Council.

   If you, dear reader, have concern for our city — with south Irving in particular — then you will be part of the problem if you do not vote, call friends in District 4 to have them go vote and spread the word…south Irving is not for sale.  And neither is Councilman Joe Putnam! 

   Voters should be casting their votes for honest, unencumbered and representation with integrity — Councilman Joe Putnam.  Isn't this what is needed for our city at this critical time?

   It is really politically disgusting when QueenB VD, Irving Opportunity Council and her Pet Rocks are more concerned about political power and amassing "dark money," than they are for doing what is best and right for our city.

   The interests of Irving Opportunity Council and QueenB VD are grossly similar — self-interest and self-aggrandizing.

   Maybe this is why birds of a feather always flock together.

…………………………………….Mark Holbrook

(1)  Irving Opportunity Council is a "domestic non-profit corporation" registered in Austin, Texas, by directors Marvin Randle (Irving), Joe Mapes (not from Irving) and Scott Yeldell (not from Irving - Austin attorney) with Gober Hilgers PLLC (Austin law firm) as the agent.

   Yeldell and Gober Hilgers PLLC specialize in setting up these political slush fund corporations.  The primary purpose is to allow unlimited funds to be contributed to the corporation with the amounts and the donors receiving anonymity.  In fact, Chris Gober recently lobbied the Texas legislature when the legislature was considering a bill to require those donating to the political slush funds be identified.  Gober was adamant the contributors to these political slush funds should be shielded from public scrutiny.  

   And this is the type of transparency QueenB VD assured voters would occur in her reign?

   Is this really the type of political activity — attempting to buy council seats as promoted by QueenB VD and her cash cow cronies of Irving Opportunity Council — that is of benefit to the city?  The final result, if this money/power grab is allowed to occur, will be northern power brokers and mega-donors to Irving Opportunity Council will soon forget about the needs and desires of south Irving.  

   And that is truly sad!