Thursday, June 4, 2015

CCR 06-04-15 Dark Money F & I

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   For the past several weeks, staff of the CCR has been concentrating on the "dark money" being infused in the city’s elections by Irving Opportunity Council.

   The primary reason for this concentrated review is the "dark money," being dolled out, is much darker than unsuspecting voters might have imagined.  The use of "dark money," which does not require the general public or voters to know who contributes or how much they contribute, represents the worse political money scheme witnessed in the city’s political history.

   "Dark money" in the city’s elections, this season, far surpasses what QueenB VD pledged to voters she was going to eliminate if elected.  And yet, here she is, with her Sugar Daddy contributors, at the center of Irving Opportunity Council’s political and financial chicanery.

   While the agenda of Irving Opportunity Council has not been disclosed, one fact remains fairly certain: This political slush fund, with unaccountable amounts of money, is attempting to buy the District 4 run off election in an effort to control the city council for QueenB VDs north Irving special interest.

   In the general election, three targeted brochures were mailed in an effort to re-elect Tom Spink.  (Luckily, all the money spent did not help Spink.) 

   Thus far, in the District 4 run off election, three targeted brochures have been mailed in an effort to unseat Councilman Joe Putnam.  Notwithstanding the fact the brochures are filled with half-truths, lies and distortions, the mailings are clear in their intent…elect Putnam’s opponent to gain control of the council.

   (And if their efforts are successful, then the recipient of those "dark money" efforts will be beholden to Irving Opportunity Council.)

   While staff of the CCR does not have a  warm fondness for PACs of any nature, the fact remains PACs do report, during the election cycle, who contributes and how much has been contributed or spent.  This is not the case with Irving Opportunity Council.

   Since the CCR doesn’t crank out on too many facts, allow this break in our wordsmithing tradition to present actual F & I (Facts & Information)…highly relative and germane to Irving Opportunity Council.  The report information, noted below, was researched and compiled by Irving Issues PAC.

   (Our apologies, as there will not be any references to Pet Rocks, Flying Harpies or Tea Party/Kool-Aid sippers in the Irving Issues report.) 

   The Irving Issues blog site is:  The site carries articles, opinions and postings of events relative to Irving and the general community.  Check it out and bookmark the site for later reference.

   Considering what has been happening with the influx of "dark money" in the city elections, Irving Issues has compiled a special report detailing all the F & I one needs to know about Irving Opportunity Council.  And, dear readers, the report should be an embarrassment to those who are part and parcel of the political scam being perpetrated on voters in the District 4 run off election.

   Irving Opportunity Council gives new meaning to the terms ‘dirty politics,’ trash mailings and skullduggery.  And to think, QueenB VD and her Sugar Daddy donors believe this is the way to run a city.  Mind boggling!  

   Click on the following link for a full accounting of what is happening in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ from a perspective other than that of the CCR.

Irving Issues Report 

     This report should cause everyone to pause before voting in the run off election.  More importantly, voters should vote for Joe Putnam as he is not controlled by Irving Opportunity Council, north Irving special interest groups, or secretive and unknown donors to his campaign.

   Early voting is June 1-9.  Election day is June 13.  Let Irving Opportunity Council know that south Irving is not for sale to northern financial interest.

………………………………Mark Holbrook

NOTE:  A good number of the 06-03-15 CCR reports, "Happy NTAHD," were returned by a service provided as not being able to be delivered.  If you know someone who still uses AOL, send them a note to see if the reports are still arriving in their e-mail boxes.  Thanks.  MH