Saturday, June 6, 2015

CCR 06-06-15 Dark Money Rebuttal

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Well, dear readers, we are going to do it again.  Staff of the CCR generally admires those individuals who have terrific wordsmithing skills.  So, we are going to "lift" another piece written by someone else.  As this might make us look syntax deficient, we’ll learn to cope with it.

   While the CCR has fully documented what QueenB VD, Irving Opportunity Council and all the Sugar Daddy donors of "dark money" have accomplished with their devious, sneaky and unaccountable political slush fund — in an attempting to buy south Irving voters — there are three things which haven’t been accomplished or noted in the CCR reports.

*  Previous reports have not reflected District 4 City Councilman Putnam’s opponent’s name for the run off election.  His name is Phil Riddle, retired city employee.  He, Riddle, is the candidate benefitting from the "dark money" being flushed all over south Irving by Irving Opportunity Council. 

*  It is important to note Putnam’s opponent’s name, because Irving Opportunity Council, with their spending of thousands upon thousands of dollars in the run off election, have conveniently not mentioned Riddle's name in their efforts to unseat councilman Joe Putnam.  This is their devious way to make it appear their actions are good and will be of benefit to the city.  Fact: The flooding of south Irving with expensive brochures filled with lies, half-truths and distortions to unseat Putnam means their agenda is to buy south Irving voters and give QueenB VD and the Irving Opportunity Council control of the city council and agenda for north Irving special interest concerns.

Phil Riddle has not uttered one peep regarding all the money, effort and tactics being employed to have him unseat Councilman Putnam.  While he may not control any of the activities or spending of the political slush fund bucks of Irving Opportunity Council, he will be the political beneficiary of their spendthrift trickery and co-dependent of their efforts if elected.  By his silence, does this mean Riddle supports the fact Irving Opportunity Council is attempting to buy south Irving votes?  Fact: It is truly shameful what Irving Opportunity Council has infected Irving City politics with, and even more distasteful the beneficiary of these scurrilous actions is a willing participant to achieve a seat on the council.

   If QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection want to pass a meaningful resolution, then citizens should demand, after the run off election, that Irving Opportunity Council be disbanded.  A resolution to remove Irving Opportunity Council from the political landscape will certainly benefit citizens more than the actions of the queen and her pebbles managed to do with the State HB 562 resolution.

   Irving politics doesn’t need or deserve the slimy, deceitful and sleazy politics Irving Opportunity Council has infected the city with.  Having uncontrolled, unaccountable and non-reportable sums of "dark money" pumped into an organization, whose intent is to buy votes and control the city council for northern special interest, is just unacceptable.  And wrong!

   With all this in mind, we’ll close this report with factual information (this is where the brilliant wordsmithing is performed by someone other than a member of the CCR staff) of what Irving Opportunity Council, with their "dark money," is the words of someone who really does know what is going on in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’ 

................................Mark Holbrook