Friday, June 12, 2015

CCR 06-12-15 Dark Money Wrap-up

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"You can ask me questions; I’m not going to answer them."
Marvin Randle, DMN, 06-08-15

   And that, dear readers, fairly summarizes the cloak of secrecy and message QueenB VD, Marvin Randle, Joe Mapes and their cadre of Sugar Daddy donors to Irving Opportunity Council (IOC) hope you will remember…don’t ask them any questions.  

   Especially, remember not to ask about their devious activities, or who and how many thousands upon thousands of dollars have already been amassed in their "dark money" political slush fund.

   You see, Irving Opportunity Council presently has one agenda…buy south Irving votes, with "dark money," to unseat Councilman Joe Putnam.  Should this happen, then Irving Opportunity Council, under QueenB VDs political malfeasance, will be in a position to kowtow to her north Irving special interest, who are part of this "dark money" enterprise.

   The political beneficiary of Irving Opportunity Council’s unprincipled political sham and cowardly flooding of south Irving with "dark money," is Putnam’s opponent, Phil Riddle.

   Here are some additional items and questions Irving Opportunity Council is concerned about…should the honest light of day ever shine on their "dark money" chicanery:

IOC doesn’t want south Irving voters to know how many bucks — (probably well north of $30K) — they have spent to unseat Putnam with their trashy attack ads which contained disingenuous statements, outright lies, and half-truths. 

IOC doesn’t want south Irving voters to realize their "dark money" political agenda is fulfilled if Putnam is unseated.

IOC doesn’t want south Irving voters to know their "dark money" agenda is related to north Irving special interest and does not benefit south Irving.

IOC doesn’t want south Irving voters to know, if Putnam is unseated, the control of the council will have south Irving needs prioritized well below north Irving special interest.

IOC actually believes south Irving and its voters are for sale in order for them to unseat Putnam.

   Tomorrow, you have only ONE JOB…re-elect Joe Putnam

   Irving Opportunity Council has spent an undisclosed amount of money, time and hidden efforts on their sleazy attack ads against Putnam.  The question becomes: Do you believe the garbage IOC and its agents have published and circulated?  

   Or, do you actually know and understand how Councilman Putnam has continuously worked on behalf of south Irving needs while in office?

   Do you realize IOC has engaged in the lowest form of character assassination in order to gain political control of the city council for their north Irving special interest?

   Do you understand how critical each vote in Dist 4 will be in this run off election?

   Are you willing to let the "dark money" brokers know south Irving is not for sale?

   Your vote tomorrow could be the margin Putnam needs to ensure south Irving will still have a champion for their needs and causes.

   Vote, check with friends and neighbors to ensure they have voted and send the strongest message possible to Irving Opportunity Council, QueenB VD, Marvin Randle, Joe Mapes and their Sugar Daddy donors…south Irving is not for sale!

   Don’t let the "dark money" of Irving Opportunity Council push south Irving over the precipice of dirty politics to satisfy the self-centered and self-aggrandizing agenda of a secret political group attempting to buy an election to gain control for north Irving special interest.

……………………………Mark Holbrook