Sunday, June 14, 2015

CCR 06-14-15 Election Wrap-up

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Irving Opportunity Council’s "Dark Money" 1

                         Responsible Irving Citizens  0

   And that, dear readers, is how the District 4 run off election ended.  Sure, some say Putnam lost and Riddle won.  That’s just a load of Torofeca.  The winner was "dark money."

   The "dark money," sad to say, played a significant and crucial role in this run off election.

   The fact this type of funding is even allowed in local elections only perpetuates the feeling most individuals have about politics and politicians…money talks and Torofeca walks.  If you don’t have the grease, then the skids will stay dry.  And Irving Opportunity council made the skids slippery enough to unseat Councilman Joe Putnam.

   The Irving Opportunity Council’s — led by QueenB VD, Marvin Randle and Joe Mapes — flooding of south Irving with their stash of secret bucks demonstrated accountability and transparency play no role when mailing brochures replete with lies, half-truths and disingenuous information.  All of their activities were to thwart Putnam’s re-election due to the fact he was not afraid to call the queen’s hand when she was involved in one of her many acts of political malfeasance.

   It remains to be seen if Riddle will serve south Irving or become a part of QueenB VDs Pet Rock collection.  The last political ad published by his campaign finally acknowledged his lack of involvement in the sleazy IOC attack ads.  While late to the party with his assurance, one will have to wait and see just how independent he will be for south Irving.  

   (For the present, don’t start holding your breath on his independence.  After all, QueenB VD hasn’t informed him she is directly responsible for his winning the election.) 

   Currently, two council members, Farris and LaMorgese, are firmly entrenched in servicing the queen.  While Ward also ran on a platform of being an independent voice on the council, his record of voting for the queen’s issues cause many to doubt his genuine independent credentials…especially with his support of the ridiculous council resolution for State HB 562 which divided the city.

   (Remember, the mug shots of Farris, LaMorgese and Ward -- along with QueenB VD -- appeared on the "dark money" attack ads which flooded south Irving and were paid for by Irving Opportunity Council.)

   We digress.  Back to the "dark money" issue.

   While Irving’s State reps, "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi played a significant role in keeping disclosure of who and how much is contributed to the nefarious ‘non-profit corporations’ like Irving Opportunity Council secret, staff of the CCR remains committed to documenting any sleazy activities when they rear their ugly heads in local issues.

   Be assured, Irving has not seen the last of Irving Opportunity Council’s spending to influence council votes, protect north Irving special interest concerns, or favor the projects of Sugar Daddy donors to their specious organization.  The "dark money" is there and their ‘pay back’ obligations to contributors will be met.

   To counterbalance the use of "dark money" by Irving Opportunity Council, staff of the CCR requires your assistance.  We need ‘donors’ to a "domestic non-profit corporation" that is being formed to inform voters (read: buy their votes) on city issues and to sway election results.  We’ll even pimp an issue near and dear to your heart if you contribute enough cold hard cash.

   Yes, the CCR is establishing a new secret fund to influence elections and council members!

   The CCRs political slush fund will be know as: Irving CCC Electoral Council.

   (The CCC stands for: Cash, Corruption and Cronyism.  See, our model will be a doppelgänger of Irving Opportunity Council.  Why reinvent the wheel when Irving Opportunity Council has already used the wheel to run all over south Irving voters.)

   Sure, our donors will be secret.  The amounts collected will be known only to the three directors of the council: Mark Holbrook, Mike Howard and Dylan Westie.  And we will not hire any Austin ‘ambulance chasers’ to handle the details of how to spend our secret bucks for nefarious items. 

   All required legal matters will be discussed and determined at the local coffee shop…where all major city decisions are currently made anyway.

   To join, Irving CCC Electoral Council requires an initial donation of $15,000.  This amount allows your name to be on our secret list of donors.  In order to remain on the list, a monthly ‘support fee’ of $5,000 will be required.  Of course, if an emergency issue rears its ugly head, you will be expected to contribute your fair share to curtail those probing or questioning our activities.

   Probably, the first thing most new donors will ask is: What do I receive for my significant contribution?  Short answer: The very best politicians money can buy.  And this fact has already been demonstrated on the local level.

   Additionally, the Irving CCC Electoral Council will fund other activities to ensure the message of the council is ever present in the community.  While hiring a staff of Flying Harpies to post drivel, lies and half-truths on FaceBook is costly, we will spare no expense in securing a panel of Rabid Weasels to rebut any posting on FaceBook which casts a negative light on our operations.  

   In fact, we will use our Rabid Weasels to promote issues on FaceBook for upcoming council agenda items to make it appear there is widespread support for what we intend or want to do.  Yes, social media will play a key role in disseminating our position, point of view and half-truths in order to con slow FaceBook posters and readers.

   (Remember: Rabid Weasels will not tolerate any opposing views to our stated positions.  Period!  Our position is always right and others are always wrong.  We will not debate facts contrary to our positions.)

   Another major component of Irving CCC Electoral Council funds will be to ensure the politicos we endorse and support always have what is need to protect their shallow image.  This could include, but not be limited to: buying their wardrobe; providing for transportation needs with new wheels; "hiring" and paying them as a "political consultant" to the council in order that they have a monthly stipend; and even seeing they have an adequate supply of meds to keep their NPD under control.

   Our mission statement: Irving CCC Electoral Council will be a full service ‘political front’ to have a stable of elected officials on hand to serve south Irving and special interest donors to the fund.

   Get in on the ground floor of the CCRs new secret organization to further corrupt the political system of Irving.  Deliver your initial $15,000 bundle of cash today.  

   Our guarantee for your support is: By the next city election, Irving Opportunity Council will look like an organization attempting to sell Girl Scout cookies at a Weight Watchers convention. 

   If you want to see real Cash, Corruption and Cronyism destroy an electoral system, then the Irving CCC Electoral Council is there…just for you.

   Are you in Irving?

……………………………Mark Holbrook