Sunday, July 26, 2015

CCR 07-26-15 Relocation TEA?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   What really shouldn’t surprise anyone is Irving seriously lags behind her sister cities in the surrounding area for major business attractions.

   Daily, it seems, the business and front page of the Dallas Morning News draws attention to corporate relocations and companies increasing their operations in cities other than Irving.  Those that immediately come to mind include: Frisco (Patronus Data Center and the new Dallas Cowboys center); Plano (Toyota); Allen (CVE Technology Group); and the list goes on.

   The first question which should come to mind is: How is this possible?  Why isn’t Irving leading the charge to secure those corporate citizens who bring jobs, spinoff businesses and folks moving into the community?  And do this without giving away the city treasury!

   The simple answer appears to be: Other cities might have mayors who are genuinely interested in what is best for their city and citizens.  While this could be considered a harsh reality by some Irving politicos, the facts go undisputed.

   Irving, under the stranglehold of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Irving, has a mayor with a greater interest in her personal political future than actual city demands.  Along with her primary TEA Party bootlickers, "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi, she is intent on pushing an agenda irrelevant to city needs, wants or concerns.  And this represents the first time, in Irving’s history, the city has been thrown into the turmoil of having a national political agenda forced on its citizenry by a mayor.  Be assured, many have noticed this and it doesn’t bode well for the city.

   Yes, QueenB VD is attempting to turn Irving into a TEA Party sanctuary city.

   For those who may doubt this assertion, just look at QueenB VDs most recent track record of photo ops, speaking engagements and appearances as noted on her "Government Official" FaceBook page (one account, of about four, she has to document her egocentricity)

   As late as this week, QueenB VD was still spouting and blathering about how she has singlehandedly "protected" all women’s rights by her previous disingenuous actions to have the city council pass a resolution in support of State HB 562.

   (Actually, QueenB VD should change the name of her FaceBook page to: Beth Van Duyne - Red Meat Chucker.)  

   When it appears folks could be waning from her self-imposed blathering, she inserts a new self-aggrandizement FaceBook posting of self-justification for her inane actions.  Remember, she has to keep all the Red Meat-media and TEA-sippin’ buffoons happy to propel her to whatever position she has in mind for her next political move.  And this, after all, is a primary motivation of hers…not the citizenry of Irving.

  The following is a current and classic example from the QueenB VDs Facebook page of babbling which, at best, is inaccurate and, at worst, extremely condescending.  There is no documentation to reflect what she states is true, nor are any foreign laws currently superseding the canons of American law in the court systems.  In her own words, the queen utters:

"…blah, blah, blah…I prefer to stand on the side that is raising this alarm and looking for a solution to prevent other women from being harmed by the use of sharia law in our court systems…blah…blah…"

   And this, dear readers, is how QueenB VD is protecting "women’s rights."  Of course, the self-serving of all this Torofeca goes down best while TEA-sippin’ and throwing chunks of Red Meat-fear and untruths to potential low information followers.

   Sure, some of the queen’s ardent and ill informed blog posters continue to spout venerations for accomplishments inconsequential or non-existent on another blog site.  Remember, this is their life’s work to please the queen. 

   But we digress.  Back to the issue at hand…businesses selecting Irving as a home base.

   For the Record:  Yes, Irving will now have a Whole Foods store, but not due to the queen or city council’s actions.  This was a business and property decision, not an enticement or action by the queen who, in fact, we are told tried to force the developers of this project to build on a different site…one owned by her favored developer. 

   And who cannot praise the return of Half-Price Books to the city?  The return may be in time for them to carry all the unread copies of QueenB VDs autobiography entitled "How To Be Divisive and Divide a City To Fool the Peons."  After all, they don’t carry newly published works…only those which are used or returned.

   Of course, some will still kowtow to the queen for the opening (and photo ops) of the $1.6 million city funded Texas Musicians Museum building.  Had the queen actually been in favor of this project, she might have helped get past all the city roadblocks and delays which almost bankrupted the tenant.  Missing the sweaty Saturday launch extravaganza, she did make an appearance at the VIP (which she considers to be higher than) "soft opening" as the local media was there with cameras.  Realistically, after the initial grand splash of the museum, many wonder how soon the financial waters will ebb and the project cannot float the monthly city rental fee…which is considered paltry.  Probably, even this is of no concern to the queen as her faux attention to the project has already been registered.

   While there are many other examples of political malfeasance which could be traced back to QueenB VD during her reign, the shining jewel in her tiara still has to be her constant, unwavering and unapologetic "stick-in-the-spokes" attitude toward the city’s Entertainment Center.  At every turn of the wheel, she pokes and prods the current developer.  Why?  

   A general consensus for her strident attitude seems to be her Sugar Daddy controllers and contributors were not selected to handle the project.  So, in essence, the queen’s agenda trumps city needs.  The project, which will not only complement the convention center, but kick start the DART line to make Irving a genuine destination city, is generally stymied by the queen’s actions.

   If the staff of the CCR has noticed a trend of Irving being the ‘red-headed stepchild’ of major relocations, then other mayors and businesses surely have taken note of the political trauma generated by QueenB VDs regime.  Really, does it take 20/20 vision to notice the divisiveness the queen has created in all areas of the city…especially regarding her political posturing?  

   While everyone seeks relief from the torrid summer heat, many are concerned it is not hot enough to melt all of QueenB VDs communication devices.  If these devices should happen to wither away, then the citizenry would not be subjected to all of the queen’s texting and FaceBook charades of pseudo-accomplishments and self-aggrandizement for her personal political agenda.

   Staff of the CCR is hoping for a few 125° days to allow Irving to cool off from the continuously scorching Torofeca-wave initiated by QueenB VDs pronouncements!

……………………………………Mark Holbrook