Monday, August 31, 2015

CCR 08-31-15 Quakes and Tremors

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   This is another busy week for Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR.  Not only did he endure the disgraceful city council meeting last week, but he has been sniffing around as to what QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection are plotting, scheming and hiding from the public.

   Remember, this was supposed to be the administration of transparency. Ha! (Meetings in Las Vegas with developers?) This was supposed to be the administration not bought by cronies. Ha! (Can you say "dark money?") And this was the administration which was going to provide a new ethical course for city business. Ha! (Billy Sol Estes could take lessons from the queen.)

   Here are Dylan’s tweets concerning the current status of the Entertainment Center…with a more detailed accounting following his paw perfect observations:

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 31
Irving CM bending to QueenBs (mayor) whims on ARK contract? #citizens wanting EC > than 5 opposed to doing right thing. Think twice now CM!

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 31
Sweet aroma in city: Bus load Pizza Inn attorneys deposing CM, mayor, Pet Rocks, IOC, Sugar Daddy handler (for) violating ARK agreement? Let's roll!

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 31
Feel it? 3.9 tremor in CM office over queenly dictates to bungle ARK contract agreement and place city in legal jeopardy. Help Pizza Inn!

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 31
Another one? 6.3 tremor (in) District 5 could (be) presses printing recall petitions? Voters (are) for EC, and against law suits and political malfeasance.

QueenB VD following disastrous script of her primary & controlling Sugar Daddy handler (by) presenting his dictates (to) Pet Rocks & CM? Disturbing! 

Old Lesson: Public Opinion over disastrous deeds & actions account for Gonzalez following mayor's dictates causing his (no) longer (being) CM in Irving?

ARK contract not up for "negotiating." Council is only supposed to approve ARK lender requirements. Period. QueenB (Irving mayor) is wrong! (Again)

   The future of the Irving Entertainment Center will boil down to what transpires in the city council executive session on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.  And from the information floating around the community, it doesn’t sound good.  Why?

   First, QueenB VD is planning on re-negotiating the ARK agreement.  This is beyond what should be done and is contrary to what the current agreement stipulates.  The council should only be handling the ARK lender stipulations which the council already has voted 5-4 against.

   To open the entire agreement, or attempt to negotiate new items could place the city in a very precarious position…can you say law suit?  (Wake up Pizza Inn ambulance chasers.)  The lender stipulation requirements, which are noted in the agreement, do not open the door for other material items or issues in the agreement to be changed.  Period.

   However, the queen is not fazed by these facts.  She is more interested in exerting her perceived powers to do as she wishes to have another mark on her political resumé.  Sadly, Pet Rocks are still under her influence and show little sign of wavering, thinking, or doing what is in the best interest of the city.

   To push her self-aggrandizement forward, she is sending out form letters to those who question her judgement.  The Flying Harpies are flying over all local blog sites dropping their Torofeca of misinformation, queenly talking points and vitriol.  Remember: this issue is all about her…not what is right and best for the city!

   Secondly, QueenB VD appears to be browbeating, dictating and pushing the City Manager to promote the re-negotiation talking points.  Weren’t these talking points provided to her by her primary Sugar Daddy handler?

   (Didn’t those talking points, in the last council meeting, resonate from the chief opponent to ARKs handling of the Entertainment Center?)

   If the City Manger succumbs to the queen’s dictates, then QueenB VD wins should the votes align to force ARK to reconsider their relationship with the city.  If the votes do not align for the queen, she wins again.  

   The City Manager could become the fall guy for the queen’s failure.  Instead of a ‘cloak of invisibility,’ she would don her ‘martyr cloak’ for all the "little people" in her next political endeavor for the Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  She could regale crowds with how the manager and council just doesn’t understand self-indulgent government.

   Finally, QueenB VDs actions during the whole ARK debacle, which she created, is certainly not designed to provide good will for the city.  In fact, her actions could cost the city more than any action her predecessor managed to accrue.  And with her use of "dark money" for this and the previous council election, her "forensic audit" of anyones records would be a great gag laugh on Comedy Central.  She has far exceeded the financial sins of the past!

   (For those who didn’t know, QueenB VD is also a master chef.  Yes, he has mastered the ability to fashion two different sauces…one for the goose and one for the gander.  Of course, the sauce she uses for her goose will never taint another’s gander.  Once again, it has to be about her.)

   With the ARK disaster she is creating, plus all her previous tours and speeches placating her Red Meat TEA-carnivore pals, she has shined a very dark light on the city.  Developers and businesses certainly have a ‘cause to pause’ when making their relocation or development plans and decisions. 

   After all, who wants do business in Irving…unless it is business QueenB VD wants or approves?  And if all this sounds like the queen and her Sugar Daddy handler’s doings, go to the front of the class.  

   It just remains unconscionable how the Pet Rock pile cannot see through the sham being perpetrated with their consent!

   The final action the council takes after the executive session on Wednesday will determine if the city moves forward, or slides back into the abyss of queenly self-gratification…which creates a dysfunctional city council.

   If ARK remains firm, concerning the queen’s demands which are extremely outrageous, then the possibility of jobs, entertainment venues and providing a branding of the city as THE place to go could float down the Trinity River.  

   And when this happens, QueenB VD will be on the river boat strumming her banjo singing,"Look What I Did" while flipping her mane as she floats to her next Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering and misinformation session.

   Since Ward was the pivotal vote at the last council meeting, when the lender revisions were disapproved, perhaps he should have a ‘come to Hey-sus’ meeting with constituents instead of the director of the Irving Opportunity Council’s "dark money" fund and a Red Meat TEA-carnivore dedicated to carrying out the queen and Sugar Daddy handler’s dictates.  

   If you contact your city council representatives to request they vote for what is right for the city by not attempting to destroy and re-negotiate the ARK contract, be sure to also let the City Manager know your thoughts and concerns.  While the council will be at fault, Pandora’s box of queenly dictates will still be the cause.

   Once again, here is the information to contact the queen and her Pet Rocks.  Do it now.  QueenB VD is about to pitch another of her famous egotistical snit fits in executive session to demand her dictates be followed.  And considering how weak the Pet Rocks are in doing what is best for the city, they need to hear from concerned citizens.

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