Sunday, August 30, 2015

CCR 08-30-15 It Still Smells

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   The public sentiment over the vote, to basically kill the Entertainment Center by QueenB VD and her Pet Rock contingency (Ward, Farris, LaMorgese and Riddle), still resonates throughout the community.  And the odoriferous aroma is chocking the city.

   While the queen’s Flying Harpies attempt to spread and sell another gigantic load of Torofeca on the populace, via their FaceBook cave, to assure citizens this was the right vote to take, no one is buying.  And the foul stench and odor of something very 'rotten in Denmark' still lingers.  

   After reviewing the meeting tape, listening to community leaders and hearing the queen blather on TV afterwards while flipping her mane, staff of the CCR provides these take aways for what did, or did not transpire the night QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks (Ward, Farris, LaMorgese and Riddle) made Irving the laughing stock of the Metroplex.

   Think about:
Oscar Ward:  Assuring several key individuals of the city days before the meeting, he stated he was going to vote in favor of the Entertainment Center resolutions.  Oops!  Appears he succumbed to the self-centered whims and fancies of the queen and her handlers at the last minute.  
   Some even believe he had to attend a sit down "come to Hey-sus" meeting with a director of the Irving Opportunity Council’s "dark money" fund and one of the queen’s Red Meat TEA-carnivore supporters.  (Names provided upon request.)  
   If a meeting did take place, what was promised, threatened, or discussed with Ward to weaken his resolve to do the right thing by approving the agenda items?  Doesn’t Ward realize and recognize the Entertainment Center is in his council district and a majority of the individuals (and voters) living there want this facility completed post haste?  

Phil Riddle:  Well, his true colors shined with his vote and support of the queen’s divisive personal agenda.  It appears the "dark money" spent to assist in his election did pay off.  What better way to repay the queen and her "dark money" handlers than to vote against what a majority of the citizens of Irving were in favor of?  
   His comment of not wanting to drink the "Kool-Aid of anger and bitterness" demonstrates he only wants to slurp the top shelf Kool-Aid provided by the queen which is laced with "dark money," Sugar Daddy handlers and a splash of Flying Harpy blathering and browbeating.  Wear your Pet Rock badge proudly, Phil, you earned it!  And such a grave disappointment to voters on your first major vote.

Gerald Farris and Brad LaMorgese:  Nothing new could be said regarding these two low information thinkers when it comes to basically following ever dictate the queen issues.  With a possible lacking of cojonés, for doing what is right for the citizens of the city, their voices are even starting to screech like QueenB VD as they spout her talking points on issues.  Do you think any other city in the area has a duo this co-conjoined in their unbridled support against what the citizens of the city want?  A clue for their future: You cannot be for something and then vote against it.  If you are for it, vote for it!  That should be simple enough to understand.

QueenB VD:  She got what she wanted…again — a re-forming of her Pet Rock cluster.  While the NPD-level in the council chambers appeared to spike to new highs during the meeting, QueenB VD flipped her mane while the TV cameras rolled and she bathed in the spotlight of her self-indulgence.
   However, on behalf of the staff of the CCR, we would issue an apology for Dylan’s following tweet after the final vote:  
Only way to improve image QueenB (Irving mayor) branded on city last night would be to see her (led away) in a DOC orange jump suit with a crew cut.

   This tweet should not have singled out QueenB VD.  The tweet should have also listed Ward, Farris, LaMorgese and Riddle as being led out of city hall in DOC orange jump suits with crew cuts.  After all, they participated, with the queen, in the distasteful action of short-circuiting citizen desires.  Their babbling and vote was just as criminal as the queen’s vote, since it was contrary to what a majority of Irving citizens want. 

What’s Next for ARK?  ARK could pull a "Pizza Inn maneuver" on the city council.  
   In the early 80s, the city council denied Pizza Inn the ability to serve beer and wine in their Irving locations.  So, the pizza chain filed a law suit naming the city and each council member individually libel for $6M.  It didn’t take long for the mayor, at that time, to convene the council and reach the consensus: Pizza always tastes better with beer and wine.  The law suit was dropped and Pizza Inn is still in the city!
   In the Entertainment Center foofaraw, the queen and Pet Rocks argued and danced on issues which were not even relative or germane to the agenda items before them.  Not only was this political malfeasance, but downright disingenuous.
   And with all the executive sessions held to work out all details between the city, ARK, ARKs insurance carrier, and the lender, only one question remained: Why didn’t QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks address their pseudo-concerns during all those briefings?!
   (The answer to the above question is rather simple: No TV or photo op cameras were available for the queen to flash her pearly whites, flip her mane and strike a Hollywood-ish pose in the executive sessions!)
   Besides, the agenda items before the council were legitimate within the context of the current contract and agreement with the city which stipulated ARK could request revisions based on their lenders requirements.  And this is all they were doing.  Period!
   The agenda items before the council had nothing to do with graduations, TIF bucks, or suite seats for dignitaries when the center is completed.  Those matters were all straw dogs designed to feed Flying Harpies, sycophant blog posters, Sugar Daddy handlers, and a contingency of Red Meat Tea-carnivore pals of QueenB VD.
   Distastefully, the agenda item was hijacked by QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks to promote the queen’s personal agenda fashioned by her primary Sugar Daddy handler and contributor.  In fact, wasn’t he at the meeting making a rare appearance in city hall to ensure the queen read his talking points accurately?
   Hopefully, ARK will be pleased many involved and caring citizens have "Liked" a new FaceBook page dedicated to information concerning the Entertainment Center.  And without Flying Harpies posting the queen’s talking points and misinformation, citizens will clearly note what is accurately happening to a venue so necessary for the urban center, the city and the business and tourist industry.  Go visit and "Like" on FaceBook:
Build the Irving Entertainment Center
   (Staff of the CCR only wishes they had put "NOW" in the FB page title.)

What’s Next for QueenB VD:  She will continue her "look what I did" photo op and blathering tour of slanted misinformation regarding the council meeting that made her the focal point for the worst vote the city council has taken in years.  To add insult to injury, she has posted, on FaceBook, a lengthy screed whereby she now states she is ready to "negotiate" with ARK.
   What?  QueenB VD is not ready to negotiate with anyone!  She is, however, ready to "dictate" to ARK what her primary Sugar Daddy handler and contributor has pumped in her shallow head.
   The simple fact remains, the council’s action was not to open the door for "negotiations" of the agreement with ARK.  The council meeting was to approve lender requirements only.   
   Once again for the slower readers, the council was only supposed to approve requirements ARK’s lenders had stipulated…in order for them to receive the financial commitment for the Entertainment Center construction.
   (In part, the revisions had to provide, should an earthquake opened up the entire Entertainment Center acreage and swallow QueenB VD and her royal carriage while she was touring the disaster she created with her vote, coverage.)  
   However, QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks turned the meeting into a clownish sideshow which had no bearing on what was supposed to occur!  And the arrogance of the queen in her handling of the meeting — with a project partner of the city who had pumped considerable time, effort and money into the Entertainment Center project — was despicable. 
   Seriously, if QueenB VDs "negotiating" skills are akin to her "performance" skills at the council meeting, ARK would do best to stay at home.  
   Citizens have probably never witnessed the self-importance and egotism she demonstrated as an elected official that night.  While verbally bullying ARK, by threatening to turn off the microphone, ensuring viewers knew "I am the mayor of Irving and I represent...blah, blah," and attempting to ‘talk over’ the developer who has demonstrated interest in providing a project which will brand and make Irving unique, QueenB VD reached a new low in Irving politics.  And this will be a low which will be difficult to overcome anytime soon…probably, at least, not until 2017.
What’s Next for Citizens?  Until the silent majority gets off their duffs and becomes active in the local political process, Irving will continue to have self-aggrandizing, egocentric, pseudo-leadership in QueenB VD.  And the Pet Rocks will continue to be afraid of thinking independently and doing what is in the best interest of the city…as opposed to sating the queen’s political ambitions, aspirations and ego.

   Starting today, hop on social media and express your opinions.  Write e-mails to members of the city council.  Attend the council meetings and voice your opinion.  Alert your friends and neighbors as to the city hall travesty of a non-functional city council led by QueenB VD.

   Since the queen’s social media minions are primarily pushing her talking points, misinformation and Torofeca, let the light of truth and optimism shine and start the movement to complete a venue which will benefit the city now and for years to come.  Fire up your MacBook Pros (unapologetic commercial plug) and start your wordsmithing!  Your city is waiting.

   And it certainly wouldn’t hurt things if you forwarded this report to a friend, associate, or someone you really don’t like on your e-mail contact list.  All voices need to be informed.

……………………………..Mark Holbrook