Monday, September 28, 2015

CCR Chuckle Brigade - Black Eyes

(The following was not sent to the entire CCR e-mail list)

TO: Chuckles Brigade

Dylan’s latest tweet.  You’ll need to click on the DMN link in the tweet to read a very balanced, even keel and factual presentation of the ‘clock kid’ events over the past two weeks.

Sadly, QueenB VD is noted for the "leadership" role she has played in this and the State HB 562 bill she promoted, sponsored and had her Pet Rocks vote for.

Irving’s embarrassment just never ceases to end with her political malfeasance, Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering and, of course, all the photo ops and publicity she can amass for her egotistical self-esteem.

With all the black eyes the queen has given citizens, shouldn’t "citizen abuse" charges be filed with IPD?

………………………Mark Holbrook 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Sep 28

QueenB gives another TEA-black eye to city at … w/"…owing to Muslim-baiting political opportunism by its mayor…" Ow!