Monday, September 14, 2015

CCR Chuckles Brigade - Shoveling

(The following was not e-mailed to the entire CCR list)

TO:  Chuckles Brigade

For those of you who do not use Twitter, the following (below) was posted by the DMN reporter, Avi Selk.  While the tweet is knife-stabbing funny, the sadness is the truth imbedded between the words.  Why doesn’t some Irving politicos have citizen's interest high enough to know a great benefit to the city when one is standing before them?

QueenB VD (with her Pet Rock contingency), Sugar Daddy handler and "Dark Money" hustlers are not interested in the progress the Entertainment Center would provide the city.  Their entire drive, money and actions seem to be dedicated to the political aspirations of the mayor and their own personal agenda of crony capitalism.

Instead of shoveling dirt to complete the Entertainment Center project, citizens are left with QueenB VD and her court shoveling Torofeca on the citizens.

The council meeting this Thursday will determine if Irving continues to swirl in the swill of personal political aspirations, or takes a step forward to moving Irving forward.

……………………..Mark Holbrook

P.S. You will need to click on the instagram notation in the tweet to view the pic/video.

Avi Selk @aviselk Sep 14
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