Sunday, September 13, 2015

CCR 09-13-15 Save the ARK Animals

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   If you listen closely, you can hear Simon and Garfunkel humming "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" as ARK prepares to set sail for the Irving City council meeting on Thursday, September17, 2015.

   However, it is not the bridge ARK should be concerned with, but rather the underwater mines QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks appear to have sprinkled in all the shipping lanes.  Yes, Irving’s waters are mined with enough explosive charges, contained in the city council #55 Resolution agenda item, to sink the battleship USS Texas…or ARK.

   The council agenda item reads: 

# 55 Resolution — Making an Offer to ARK Group of Irving, Inc. for Amendments to the Entertainment Center Development Agreement and Related Agreements Under Certain Terms Acceptable to the City.

   (Did you catch the tricky, weasel word in the resolution? All those who actually believe QueenB VD is making an "offer" and not a dictate, raise your hands.  That’s what we thought.)

   Once again, QueenB VD would dearly like to scuttle ARK.  And this time for good!  Why?

   (Remember, the queen had "another engagement" — much like she was supposed to have for the recent infamous 5-4 anti-ARK vote — and didn’t attend the ARK groundbreaking.  Nor, can staff of the CCR remember one positive statement she has registered regarding ARK.)

   The queen’s Sugar Daddy handler, "Dark Money" sponsors and the flock of Flying Harpies and mini-Hobbit blog posters will not be satisfied until a developer of their choosing is responsible for the Entertainment Center venue.  Only then will they be able to stick their grubby and greedy little fingers in an Economic Development project-pie which they have been bent on overtaking all these years.  

   Look at the recent history of this project.  QueenB VD has been the mouthpiece, pothole in the road and stumbling block in the city during the entire course with ARK as the project developer.  Her efforts to scuttle ARK are now at the tipping point.   

   Of course, the queen has tossed a number of ‘straw dog’ issues, as smokescreens, to confuse low information citizens.  Her latest sham of potentially invalid and non-appropriate issues should appear on the agenda for the upcoming council meeting.  

   (The actual resolution issues have not been made available to the public at this time.  The fact individuals know some of the particulars is causing a fury with the queen’s Flying Harpy flock and mini-Hobbit blog posters. The harpies and mini-Hobbits fail to remember how QueenB VD often texted — and probably still does — executive session discussion items prior to meetings even being over.)

   One issue of the council resolution, in particular, demonstrates how vapid QueenB VD must think average citizens might be.

   Does the queen not realize vendors (restaurants, Alamo Draft House, etc.), which already have signed agreements with ARK, also have non-disclosure clauses as part of that contractual agreement?  For ARK to violate their agreements, with their vendors, could expose them to legal action.  

   But then, ARKs issues are not a concern to QueenB VD and the Pet Rock pile.  The queen just wants her way to coincide with every detail which would suit her Sugar Daddy handler and the "Dark Money" pimps.

   Perhaps, QueenB VD is the one who needs to crank up, to full wattage, her IQ-bulb to see the bright light of the inane item "offered" as one of her "negotiating" points.  But then, don’t you realize…the queen never negotiates — she dictates? 

   And by including the "straw dog" issue of "disclosure," the mined waters could become so explosive one might not be sad if ARK suddenly proclaimed "enough of this wrongheaded political malfeasance…we’ll set sail for court regarding your not wanting to uphold our original agreement."

   (All Pizza Hut ambulance chasers from days past may now pull off the road shoulder and head to North Carolina.  You may be needed shortly.)

   The tipping point article, regarding the entire issue before the council, is detailed by Avi Selk of the DMN and was posted on the news’ web site Saturday.  The link to the article is:

   Possible Schedule of Events 

ARK will receive the queen’s demands city’s "offer" on Monday.  After reviewing the detail, a decision will have to be made on their part. 

ARK could accept the queen’s demands city’s "offer" in total, or detail those items which they would be comfortable with that do not open up the original agreement to future puerile demands by the council.

ARK could offer counter proposals to the queen’s demands city’s "offer" which do not open up the original agreement to future lame actions by the council.

The city council will meet in Executive Session to discuss ARKs responses on Wednesday, September 16, 2015.

At this point: The city council could accept ARKs proposal without any additional modifications; alter ARKs proposal for the queen’s demands city’s point of view; or proceed full steam ahead (probably the queen’s choice) with not waiving from their original "offer."  If the city council does not budge from their "offer," then they will have created the underwater explosion the queen could utilize to sink ARK. 

Actually, the city council may/may not vote on something Thursday evening.  It should be noted, there is no administrative recommendation currently recorded for the agenda resolution.

   For those who believe the primary issue on the agenda resolution boils down to the $200,000 tax rebate issue the queen wants to reclaim, you’re wrong.  The issue boils down to QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks (Ward, Farris, LaMorgese and Riddle) not wanting ARK to be the developer to complete the project.  And the possibility of facing a ‘breach of contract’ law suit from ARK does not even sway the granite craniums of those elected officials.

   The past actions of QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection is all about power politics with talking points from the queen’s Sugar Daddy handler and "Dark Money" from Irving Opportunity Council (Randle and Mapes) footing the bill.

   If the $200,000 in tax rebates was an issue for the city, then why doesn’t QueenB VD tap her good buddy developer, Hines Reality, which received millions upon millions in infrastructure and tax deferrals by asking for a return of a few million from them?  

   Oh, staff of the CCR apologizes…Hines is one of the crony capitalist the queen has granted special favor to.  And doesn’t the queen always protect her crony capitalist?

   Another factor concerning the $200,000 in tax rebates is: Where is the City Manager in this entire tax rebate debacle?  Is he counting the Magic 5 possible votes to appease the political aspirations of a few, or is he actually working for what is in the best interest and benefit for all Irving citizens?  Now is not the time for wishy-washy, bleating rhetoric.  Irving’s immediate future, as a growing and thriving city, could be in the balance.  

   Is the City Manager on the squad which seems to be playing political football with Irving’s future development, or is he ready to score points for the citizens?  Isn’t the tax rebate issue more political posturing, on the council’s part, than an actual concern for working with a developer who has a legitimate agreement with the city and already invested millions of their own money in the project?

   There is one reality which QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks do not want to address or express.  The hidden discussion issue is: the permanent and excessive damage — to the city’s tourism, business relocations and image — the council’s previous clownish acts and votes against ARK have caused.

   The imbecilic votes, of this cluster, are all based on perceived political power, appeasing a Sugar Daddy handler, utilizing "Dark Money," and the fulfilling of political aspirations…primarily those of QueenB VD.  And the local media has perfectly noted the queen and council’s flimflam activities over the past year plus in this regard.

   Check out QueenB VDs YouTube collection for:
   Comedy Central 2015 Open Mic Stand Up Comedy Winners
(QueenB VD & the Pet Rocks)
Straight line: Irving
Punch line: Irving

   Citizens and voters should realize what ARK will be providing, to Irving, is a project which will infuse commerce, create entertainment options and highlight a very positive identifier for the city.  And the time to commence this process should start at the Thursday city council meeting.

   If you are in favor of the Entertainment Center, have you expressed this to those who will be responsible?

   Better yet, why not express your sentiments to those who seem to be the ones, for false and faulty rationale, opposed to the project’s completion by ARK
   And the list of those individuals is:

Beth Van Duyne
(972) 898-7500
Oscar Ward
(469) 704-8479
Brad LaMorgese
(214) 460-1990
Gerald Farris
(972) 554-1810
Phil Riddle
(469) 781-7176

   While staff of the CCR has ‘suggested/hollered wolf’ before on this issue, we actually believe the wolf is at the city hall door this time.  And sadly, QueenB VD is inviting the carnivore in to devour all the animals on ARK.
   This may be the final opportunity for citizens to let the council know they value progress over politics.  The time is now to assist ARK and batten down the hatches against the political Torofeca storm perpetuated by QueenB VD. 

   Help save the ARK animals. Help save the city.  And definitely help save the Entertainment Center.  #standwithARK now and ensure your friends and associates do the same.

   Moving forward with ARK would be a lot simpler than having to go through a recall election, for suggested political malfeasance, should the council register another misguided vote against the developer they already have a binding agreement with…ARK!

………………………………..Mark Holbrook