Thursday, October 15, 2015

CCR 10-15-15 TOY, Not Boy Toy

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Finally, staff of the CCR can cast their ballot for a Dallas Morning News entry in the Texan of Year* (TOY) contest without reservations.  And without guessing or second thoughts, we vote for Irving’s mayor, QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores. (snicker)

   Seriously, who else would, could or should deserve such recognition?  Irving will finally be recognized…and laughed at again should this become a reality.  And since the queen has already accomplished having a serious negative spotlight shine on the city, this recognition would prove she has actually accomplished something during her reign.

   Why does the CCR staff believe QueenB VD should be named the TOY?  Let’s look at her accomplishments for the past year and see if you don’t agree how deserving she is.

   During the past twelve months, QueenB VD has:

    Divided the city over her insistence on passing a city council resolution supporting State HB 562.
   (Remember, she did not do this single-handedly.  She browbeat her Pet Rocks into submission and had the total support of Irving’s two State representatives, Rodney Anderson and Matt Rinaldi prompting, pimping, and pushing her along the way.  Also, the resolution had little or nothing to do with Irving or the running of the city except to promote the queen’s personal political agenda.)

   Was uncompromising in being a road block for the development of the Entertainment Center due to her Sugar Daddy handlers and donors not favoring ARK.
   (When the final revised agreements are returned to the council, in about a month for final approval, folks are waiting with bated breath to see if she continues her self-serving tirades and will cast the single vote against the resolutions.)

   Allowed her single source developer, OliverMcMillan, to present a non-branding of the Texas Stadium site with a nouveau urban sprawl project which many believe is merely Baja Las Colinas.
   (Hopefully, sound minds on the council will not allow the OliverMcMillan project to move forward as other developers with a tad more imagination might be able to project what should be the crown jewel entryway to the city.  At least, the design a project, which would complement the Entertainment Center branding, is warranted.)

    Revised the city’s ethics code and voted for cronies, some who had conflicts of interest, to receive city funding for personal private developments.
   (QueenB VD believes something is ethical if she deems it so…regardless of what the city code might reflect.)

   Continues to demonstrate an unrelenting ability to fabricate facts when speaking to her Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophants.
   (The queen probably spent more time addressing those Red Meat TEA-carnivore gatherings than attending to actual city business.)

   Is now on Glen Beck’s Christmas card list, and -- wait for it -- he has her cell phone number.
   (This achievement alone should push her to the top of the list for TOY consideration.  Especially if her number is on speed dial.)

   Maintains (along with her three FaceBook sites) a flock of Flying Harpy bloggers who will agree, fawn over and post every talking point, fabricated fact, or utterance the queen dictates.
   (Are the Flying Harpy bloggers considering changing their FaceBook page name to KID24/7/365, Keep Irving Divisive 24/7/365?)

   Finally, QueenB VD demonstrated that being the mayor of a large urban city only requires one to have an inordinate amount of photo ops scheduled, constant mane flipping during meetings, initiate temper tantrums when not getting her way on issues, and unlimited fact fabrications to spread on the masses who don’t recognize Torofeca from political reality.

   Seriously, dear readers, why would you not want to cast your DMN TOY-ballot for QueenB VD instead of PGA golfer Jordan Spieth?  All this kid has done is represent Texas in a positive manner to the entire world, demonstrated genuine family values, conducted his affairs with classy professionalism, and given and donated time and funding to those whose needs require significant upliftings.

   And in projecting this "clean kid" image around the world, there are no reported instances of Spieth fabricating facts to document any of his achievements.  And this was just par for the course for this remarkable Texan during the year.


………………………………..Mark Holbrook

*  Note: The initial listing of DMN TOY entries is found on the following link.  Additionally, you can click on a link, in the article, to register the individual you think should be considered, or name one which you might favor from the list.

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