Monday, October 19, 2015

CCR 10-19-15 The Fracking Queen

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   There is one thing Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, hates to do and that is to dig for information.  Digging for bones…he is totally OK with.
   After seeing the following photo op of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores, Dylan was stumped.  

   What was the queen doing in this photo op?  Who are those people?  Are the individuals under the queen’s spell?  When did she obtain such a large ball of crystal composition?  Is this how she communicates with her "Dark Money" handlers and donors?  Can she predict election results when "Dark Money" is spread, in a campaign, like peanut butter on bread?  And her use of the word "thrice" certainly has an ominous ring to it.  Is "thrice" the code word for her next political ploy or agenda? 

   (Never one to be original, QueenB VD is gazing into her crystal ball and stating her plans for the future, but borrowing from the witches admonitions, at the boiling cauldron of poisoned entrails, as noted in Shakespeare’s "Macbeth."  Note: This information is provided for the queen’s Flying Harpy flock and her low information supporters.)

   Without doing any digging, Dylan started speculating that QueenB VD might be having a global seance while uttering incantations on how she had saved ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ by dividing the city into realms she could better control with her Flying Harpy flock-bloggers.

   Or maybe, Dylan thought, the queen was pointing out the travel locations, on her crystal ball, she has plotted for her "Dark Money" Sugar Daddy handlers and donors to approve.  After all, the "Dark Money" group probably will spend whatever it takes to keep the queen happy, well fed and clothed, and perhaps, even throw in the mortgage payment for her home and place those documents on the front seat of a newly gifted SUV-carriage with a red bow ribbon tied across the hood.  And all this doesn’t even match her probably not worrying about working for a living.  "Dark Money" can actually turn a pauper into a queen.

   Studying the above picture closer, Dylan speculated he finally had the background information as to how this photo op occurred.  

   One day, QueenB VD walked in, uninvited, to a panel discussion at the Four Seasons (her favorite haunt for public exposure), pranced up to the front of the room and told the panel, who was discussing fracking, she was shy on her daily photo op quota and would be finished after the flashes stopped.  So, she plopped down in the middle of the group, started babbling and flipped her mane while the photographers did their magic.

   Since this sounded believable, Dylan did do a bit more digging and actually discovered QueenB VD accidentally did happen upon a genuine discussion involving fracking.  

    And wouldn’t you know it, QueenB VD pulled out her humongous crystal ball and told the group, "I’ve been charged by my city to stop fracking in the state of Texas, … and it’s a charge I take very seriously."You will now refer to me as The Fracking Queen!

   Other than the obvious fact of using "I" twice in one sentence (what happened to thrice?) to assert her self-indulgence, QueenB VDs statement registers another concern.  

   Who appointed QueenB VD to lead the State’s charge to stop fracking?  Has she received the endorsement, blessing, or approval from the entire city council to make such a claim on behalf of the city?  Will she browbeat her Pet Rocks to force them to pass another meaningless resolution to ship off to Austin?  Has she fallen off the wagon again and started slurping large quantities of Cruz-laced TEA?  
   (BTW: Has anyone noticed Cruz has yet to reach double digits in any presidential poll?)

   Also, isn’t QueenB VD a bit late to the fracking party?  Many individuals and bloggers have been attempting to address this problem since the earth quakes started rattling Irving.  Now that photo ops are possible, the queen seems to be on board with this issue.

   One has to wonder how stopping all fracking in Texas will weigh with the big money lobbyist who have the ear of many current legislators.  Has QueenB VD cleared this "no fracking" position with her personal Dallas PR consultant, or the Red Meat TEA-carnivore State reps (Anderson and Rinaldi) who seem to advise her on all issues which might divide the city?

   Knowing QueenB VD, as residents have come to expect and observe, she does not need, require, or seek anyones approval to place herself at the head of any line where photo ops, attention, or a crowd is likely to gather.

   During her blathering about her, yet to be identified, plan to eliminate fracking in the entire state, the self-anointed queen again advised the panel and audience that: I am The Fracking Queen, kowtow to my demands.  

   So, dear readers, Irving now has The Fracking Queen, Queen of the Red Meat TEA-carnivores, Queen of the Divided City, Queen of Islamophobia, Queen of "Dark Money," Queen of the Flying Harpy Flock, and Queen of Any and All Photo Ops Statewide.  Does it seem as if QueenB VD manages to be all things to all people…except being the mayor of Irving?  

   Does it appear, when QueenB VDs fact fabrications catch up with her, she jumps on another political bandwagon to deflect the truth, criticism and acknowledgement of being wrong on a particular issue?  

   From the queen’s perspective, she is never wrong…regardless of what the facts may demonstrate.  And some might consider this a condition which requires serious attention.
   Of course, this is the true measure of any self-centered political operative like QueenB VD…keep voters at bay and tuned-in to only what they want to hear — Torofeca which sounds like relative progress on an issue germane to the city.

   All hail, The Fracking Queen!

…………………………………Mark Holbrook