Sunday, October 25, 2015

CCR 10-25-15 The Queen's List

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   That loud grating and grinding noise echoing throughout Irving is QueenB VD shifting gears, without benefit of using a clutch, on her royal carriage.  This cataclysmic sonic noise was caused by the queen changing course for appealing to all her Red Meat TEA-carnivores, Flying Harpies and low information supporters.

   What happened?  Well, after QueenB VD milked all the publicity she could out of the recent ‘clock kid’ saga, she received a blistering royal slapping from Texas Monthly magazine.1  

   With the DMN 2, Dallas Observer 3, D Magazine, Texas Monthly and other legitimate media publications demonstrating how far off the planet the queen was with her fact fabrications regarding the ‘clock kid,’ she decided it was time to generate a new issue (which also will not have anything to do with Irving) in an effort to promote a new political, self-serving agenda.

   Meeting with her Sugar Daddy handler, "Dark Money" contributors, personal Dallas PR consultant, the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies, and State reps Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi, QueenB VD developed a new "watch list" of individuals to target and attack for her political purposes.  (Safety note: This ‘watch' list does not tick.)  

   The queen’s new list will offer unlimited photo ops, cable TV panel programs with tin foil-hat moderators, and inarticulate articles published on a plethora of Red Meat TEA-carnivore internet blog sites similar to Breitbart and Huffington Post.  

   What better way for QueenB VD to keep the city divided than by creating more discontent and fear mongering as a result of her personal political and public exposure?

   To advance her new self-promotion tour, here is QueenB VDs list of those currently posing a direct threat to the US Constitution, Federal law, State law and maybe Irving’s newly revised ethics code designed to accommodate her cronies…if she can fit the city’s business into her demanding self-aggrandizing schedule:

QueenB VDs New Subversives Watch List
   Dr. Mehmet Öz:  Yes, Dr. Oz is attempting to convert free thinking citizens to an uncharted lifestyle by considering a healthy program of eating all the right food stuffs and mildly exercising.  Can you imagine what will happen to American citizens if this is allowed to occur?  Do you realize what the downward toll to health care cost will be if Americans become more healthy and physically fit?

   Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:  The queen recognizes the youth of our nation are in tremendous peril when these two individuals start conducting youth camps and training seminars under the guise of ‘teaching’ the youth of the country the art of playing basketball.  What could be more covert or subversive than having an unlimited number of leagues for young basketball players demonstrating their newly acquired special skills?

   Casey Kasen:  Before his death, Kasen was solely responsible for changing the music industry by featuring oldies, goodies and tunes god-fearing Red Meat TEA-carnivore parents believed to be encrypted with hidden lyrics, or "Manchurian Candidate" orders to take over the country’s musical industry.  After all, didn’t the Beatles prove this theory of musical subversion when recording "Strawberry Fields for Ever?"  Has the new anti-America revolution already arrived?

   Ellen Burstyn:  Of course, QueenB VD believes no program to protect all Americans is complete unless the godless Hollywood-infidels, of entertainment influence, are corralled and exposed.  Look at the sly corruption and conspiracy which influenced the country when "The Last Picture Show" painted all Texans as a bunch of boot wearing redneck hicks.  And didn’t "The Exorcist" really cater to a brand of religion featuring demonic characters requiring emulation?  Remember how Hollywood rewarded Burstyn for her efforts in those movies to subvert the country?

   Be assured, this is just the tip of the ice berg for QueenB VDs "watch list" of those threatening her political ambitions and supposedly ruining our country.  As new individuals are discovered and identified, she will go on one of her three FaceBook accounts, or her YouTube channel, to announce the latest efforts of ‘saving’ America from all the evil doers she perceives.  

   And remember, fabricating facts will reign to ensure QueenB VDs message is well received by her Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophants.  Pandering to supporters is second nature to the queen!

   And with more than one individual now identified to attack, diminish and browbeat, the queen will have an unlimited amount of public attention and exposure…the factors which drive her entire being.

   Staff of the CCR does advise readers to be on high alert for what is coming down the pike.  Listen to all QueenB VDs new pronouncements and dictates concerning the above individuals on her "watch list"…with a closed mind!  

   And more importantly, dear readers, just one thing should be remembered: All of the individuals on the queen’s new "watch list" are Muslims.

   We all know exactly where QueenB VD stands on Islamophobia…don’t we?

………………………………Mark Holbrook

P.S.  Alert minions of the queen will certainly remember all the ‘fighters’ Muhammad Ali has trained.  Why, even his daughter is a professional ‘fighter.’


2 Dallas Morning News: