Wednesday, October 28, 2015

CCR 10-28-15 Survey Says...

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Well, dear readers, after QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores launched her revised campaign of disinformation, divisiveness and fact fabrications (see 10-25-15 CCR report), she hit a major stumbling block on the yellow brick road — her popularity (outside of a few Red Meat TEA-carnivore circles) tanked

   Never one to worry about trivial matters, like running the city without conflicting with her public persona and mane flipping image, the queen immediately called her Royal Court together for another briefing session to determine how she could recover from the nationwide public relations disaster she created over the ‘clock kid’ issue.

   When the nation learned how QueenB VDs insistence on passing a meaningless city council resolution for State HB 562 started the ball rolling for her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking tour, her image lost its sheen.  Additionally, her Islamophobia was showcased.  And many learned she was not always truthful or even remorseful in her strident adherence to appeasing her right wing fringe sycophants.

   And certainly, a revised political sham, for her immediate self-indulgence, would be necessary to re-established her image for whatever future political ambitions still danced in her dreams.

   The Royal Court (the queen’s Sugar Daddy handler, "Dark Money" contributors, Mother Superior of Flying Harpies, personal Dallas PR consultant and State reps Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi) met in the bar at The Keg…another of the queen’s primo locations for private gatherings and clandestine activities.

   After kicking around several options, the Royal Court decided the time was ripe to conduct a highly expensive and extensive city-wide phone survey, with eleven questions (asked by live individuals), designed to reflect just how much the peons and serfs of the queen’s realm believed she was the best thing to happen to ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ since "Be Kind" signs were planted on every major roadway in the city.

  Of course, the phone survey would be conducted by the queen’s chosen PR flack and possibly hidden from view by "Dark Money" funding.  After all, the survey shouldn’t be construed as being linked to QueenB VD for it to appear to be legitimate or a city sponsored activity.

   As with all "great" plans QueenB VD conceives, the phone survey results just didn’t produce the expected responses she demanded.  Instead, the queen discovered there were actually subjects in her realm who didn’t believe her fact fabrications or motivations, behind some of her edicts to Pet Rocks and the citizenry, were conducted in the city’s best interest.

   With this in mind, QueenB VD instructed her Royal Court to find another firm to conduct a second phone survey which would demonstrate to the Irving citizenry, all of Texas, and the nation she was a political messiah just waiting for votes to be counted.  Her ‘achievements’ needed to prove her viability as the best autocratic leader ever witnessed in Irving governance.

   Since many CCR readers were not important enough to be contacted for the original phone survey, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, managed to obtain a copy of the second phone survey form of questions which were being asked.  This is being released for your consideration and information.

   Your assignment:  Please read and answer all questions truthfully and submit your results to the CCR.  Staff will ensure QueenB VD is apprised of your thoughts and concerns.  Help make the queen’s day by showing how much you care about her faux-leadership and attention to all things which improve her image, but manage to do harm to the city.

Con-Mark Survey Group
(A survey to measure QueenB VDs political potency)

Do you believe QueenB VD still likes puppies and kittens knowing she only has pit bull dogs, acquired from Michael Vick’s former kennel, and the mounted head of "Cecil," obtained from Dr. Walter Palmer, on her den wall?  Yes / No

Do you eat more chicken that Red Meat and believe Chic-fil-A is a subversive corporate group which instills social and moral values in their customer base?  Yes / No

Do you feel as if the autocratic reign of QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks has moved the city forward to where the city now ranks just two steps below Hell’s Gate, Montana, which is currently a ghost town?  Yes / No

When listening to the radio, do you forego moderate music stations to select programming which has tin foil-hat moderators who believe there is only one opinion relative to any subject — off the cliff evangelical Red Meat TEA-carnivore ideology?  Yes / No

Do you believe one of QueenB VDs primary agenda items is to turn Irving into a TEA party sanctuary city?  Yes / No

Does your reading material consist of a daily newspaper (you may insert the Dallas Morning News here) which features factual stories about events and happenings in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ as opposed to believing the conspiracy theories published by all the Red Meat TEA-carnivore blog publications?  Yes / No

How often has your daily newspaper, and their intrepid reporting staff,  disproven or demonstrated the statements, actions and positions of QueenB VD were not only incorrect, but fraught with fact fabrications?  Often / Every time

Do you believe QueenB VD "defies decency by going along with Glenn Beck about Ahmed" as noted in the Dallas Observer?  Yes / No

What does QueenB VD consider the most important thing about being the mayor of ‘beautiful downtown Irving?’  Photo ops / Spelling ‘team’ with an "I" or "My"

Do Irving residents have a clearer and better understanding of QueenB VDs actions if she often refuses to respond to the daily newspaper when queried on topics?  Yes / No  

During public meetings of the council, what conveys the most dynamic leadership style exhibited by QueenB VD?  Snit fits / Mane flipping

If you had to pick one word which best described QueenB VDs persona, as noted in a Dallas Morning News editorial, which would it be?  Aloof / Haughty / Dismissive / All three
(Clue: all three were noted in the Op/Ed piece)

Should the old Texas Stadium site be developed as nouveau urban sprawl which was not "branded" utilizing QueenB VDs single source developer, OliverMcMillan?  Yes / No

What could the linkage between OliverMcMillan and Hines Reality be with QueenB VD?  Just good friends / Las Vegas buddies meeting for planning and development 

Should QueenB VD insist that all contributions and expenses of the "Dark Money" fund, created for her benefit, be detailed and posted so the public is aware who might be courting the queen’s favors and paying for disingenuous mailings?  Yes / No

Did QueenB VD get onboard with the Entertainment Center development only after she discovered ARK was leaving the dock and she was alone on the pier with no Pet Rocks to browbeat or bully for negative votes?  Yes / No

Did QueenB VDs revised ethics code really eliminate her cronies ability to secure city tax bucks, or even provide a more open and transparent view of city government?  Yes / No

Were you able to buy that new toaster with QueenB VDs city tax rate reduction which she has touted and compared to eliminating the national debt?  Yes / No

Finally, should QueenB VDs flock of Flying Harpies be allowed to have CHL permits? Yes / No

   Staff of the CCR appreciates your taking the time to complete this survey.  Remember, unless you make your thoughts and positions known, nothing can change.

   And isn’t it about time ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ experienced some positive change for the betterment of the city?

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

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