Friday, October 30, 2015

CCR 10-30-15 Sgt. Schultz says...

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Sometimes, saying nothing can speak volumes about an issue needing clarification.  Confused?

   Currently, a highly biased and politically pointed phony phone survey — with extremely prejudicial overtones — is being conducted throughout the city.  And based on the majority of the questions being asked, there is little doubt as to who might be the beneficiary of the information collected.  Who might that be?

   And therein lies the problem, as no one is willing to be honest, or transparent enough to step forward and claim credit as being the initiator of the survey.  Why is that?

   Simple answer:  Biased questions (push polling) is an easy way to blatantly plant subliminal ideas, pander political positions, or create/restore the publics perception regarding an issue or individual.  Who would want or need to do this? 

   Finding the answer to that question may be nearly impossible to determine.  Really?

   Yes, dear readers, identifying the survey’s originating culprit, who is either responsible or desperately in need of an image makeover, appears to be cloaked and hidden behind either Sugar Daddy contributions or the probable utilization of "Dark Money" funds.

   What makes the politically pointed phony phone survey even more obnoxious is the fact the individual(s), who do or should know what is happening with this information accumulation, have been totally mute to the general public on the subject.  Consider the following potential beneficiaries who might have detailed knowledge or awareness of the survey’s origin:

Primary Beneficiary #1
QueenB VD:  She badly needs a total image makeover.  Mane flipping and photo ops will not be sufficient this time to improve her image, as she looks as if she just lost three grueling MMA rounds to Ronda Rousey.  The flack, political fallout and shredding of her queenly persona took a major beating with her dogmatic and strident handling of the ‘clock kid’ issue.  Other than a few Red Meat TEA-carnivores, she was paddling her political canoe solo across River Styx without a lifejacket.  Granted, she was warmly welcomed when reaching the opposite shore.  

Beneficiary #2
"Dark Money" Cabal:  There is no doubt the money collected by this group, for a highly secret political war chest (under the guise of the non-profit corporation, Irving Opportunity Council), is available and at the beck and call of QueenB VD.  If the prior city election was any indication, the funds spent by the cabal will be used to promote, push, pimp, pander, or any other appropriate ‘p’ word for whatever desire the queen might have.  After all, this cabal only wants the best politician money can buy.

Beneficiary #3
Sugar Daddy Handlers:  With the amount of money already invested in QueenB VDs political career in Irving for the past four years, her original stakeholders might want to ensure their investment, of maintaining their political power and control, is well protected and funded.  For these individuals, this is not the time to sell the queen’s political ambitions short.
   The ironic twist, to this latest survey-caper, which certainly benefits QueenB VD and her sycophant followers, is these individuals were directly attacking and skewering the previous mayor for his amassing $1M+ of special interest money for his campaign.  Today, these individuals are doing the same thing as the previous mayor…except in $PADE$ and out of public view. 
   However, the only difference today is voting citizens knew the special interest donors who were funding the previous mayor’s campaign, but currently do not have a clue as to the amount or who is funding QueenB VDs political shenanigans due to the non-disclosure nature of the "Dark Money" fund.  For all citizens and voters might know, the queen may have already surpassed the old campaign special interest total of $1M+ and be well on her way to set a new record of having a $2M+ political slush fund.  It’s possible!

   While following the money is the key issue to determining the backers of this sordid politically pointed phony phone survey, some beneficiaries of the ruse have made the research to determine the responsible party almost comical.

   When initially contacted by the Dallas Morning News1 for information concerning the survey, QueenB VD resorted to her standard mode of "transparency" and did not reply to the information request.  And she didn’t even take the opportunity to fabricate facts as she has so skillfully done in the past when dealing with the public or news media.  Amazing!

   Additionally, a director of the "Dark Money" fund, Marvin Randle, who generally knows any and everything about the queen’s political operation was drawing blanks as to what was going on with the politically pointed phony phone survey.  His response to the media was: “I don’t know anything about what’s going on."  Now that is even more amazing! 

   For two key players, in the political sham that is QueenB VDs reign, to be totally oblivious to a survey which had biased questions, slanted political points of view and designed to present the queen in a positive light, how could they not know anything about (or respond to) the politically pointed phony phone survey?  This is just unfathomable?

   The only question, not asked in the survey, which would have perfectly demonstrated how skewed the questions were was: "Do you still beat your wife?" 

   After reading the DMN article related to the survey, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, believed Irving deserved a new political musical comedy to entertain its citizens in these trying political times.  So, he released the following tweet:

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Oct 29
Lyric Stage to present "Stalag 17 the Musical" starring M. Randle as Sgt."I know nothing" Schultz. Free tickets with "Dark Money" donations.

   If this musical should ever be produced, citizens will not only be entertained, but will also be assisting QueenB VD achieve her goal of beating the old political special interest money mark for campaigning with "Dark Money" bucks.  Not only could the queen reach the $2M+ mark, but she may have achieved success in buying a new political seat…somewhere.

   And, dear readers, we all know QueenB VD must always have front row seating for any political event to showcase her self-interest ego, flip her mane and flash the pearly whites for all the photo ops.

……………………………..……Mark Holbrook

Article regarding the politically pointed phony phone survey:
Avi Selk, Dallas Morning News, 10-28-15