Saturday, November 14, 2015

CCR 11-14-15 Paris Burns, Flying Harpies Fume

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Paris burns and QueenB VDs flock of Flying Harpies fume.  Perhaps, fume is stating their current state of anxiety and false outrage too kindly.

   Instead of grasping the tragedy and sorrow, facing the citizens of Paris and the world, QueenB VDs flock of sycophant Flying Harpies are in warp speed mode to politically use the carnage of Paris to assist the queen in polishing the Islamophobia-image she created with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking tour engagements, appearances on Glenn Beck’s tinfoil hat, snickering-political-program, and statements and actions regarding the ‘clock kid’ saga which she helped create and perpetuate.

   The aim of the queen’s flock, while rabidly posting on their FaceBook page know as Keep Irving Divisive (KID, as renamed by the CCR), is to write the Big Cheese of the Dallas Morning News, Mike Wilson and have Irving’s reporter of record, Avi Selk, fired, moved, transferred, castrated, or permanently stored in QueenB VDs Tower of Obedience.

   Why such drastic action for someone doing their job in a credible manner?  Well, QueenB VD and her Flying Harpy flock develop severe heartburn when the truth of the queen’s actions are printed in a real media outlet.  And they really crash in flames when e-mails and text messages, regarding her behind the scenes actions related to the ‘clock kid’ saga, are made public.  You see, the queen doesn’t wear transparency very well!

   And dear readers should know that the Flying Harpy flock flies only at the queen’s direction and dictates.  And from current blog postings, the flock is in a Code Red Attack mode.

   The actions of the Flying Harpies, in their attempt to discredit factual, accurate and detailed accounts of what is actually happening in ‘beautiful downtown Irving,' is not only despicable, but verges on behavior probably requiring medical attention for some. 

   While one is entitled to state their opinion, it goes beyond the realm of civil debate, in this instance, when one attacks the livelihood of an individual to sate their warped sense of pablum-fed, Red Meat TEA-carnivore doctrine.  The facts never seem to be attacked by the queen's Flying Harpy flock…just the individual who presents them.  And this doesn’t sound very rationale or sane to staff of the CCR

   Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, had planned a relaxing weekend to rest his paws after detailing QueenB VD and the city manager’s trove of e-mails and text messages (see 11-12-15 CCR report) designed to cover up their highly priced PR "crisis management" consultant’s gibberish.  This treasure trove of ‘behind the scenes’ information was contained in the following article by, the bane of all Flying Harpies, Avi Selk.

> For Factual Information and Detail: DMN, Avi Selk, 11-10-15, e-mail and text message documentation of previously unknown details: 

   Wanting to sound the alert as to QueenB VDs latest "image remake" caper, which has nothing to do with running the city as mayor, Dylan posted the following tweets.

   While the tweets are self-explanatory, dear readers should realize the depths at which QueenB VD and her flock of Flying Harpies will sink to promote, push, pimp and pander her dictates to have it appear she is a victim of the legitimate media…and everyone else just isn’t smart enough to understand this.


QueenB > Flying Harpies: slam @dallasnews reporter's accurate coverage as she initiated original Islamophobia issue in Irving #StandwithDMN

QueenBs Flying Harpies attempt to clean her Islamophobia-robes with distortions to @dallasnews re: their accurate reporting. No shame there!

QueenB & Flying Harpies’ fact fabrications on FB blog site being substituted for accurate reporting by @dallasnews and truth. #StandwithDMN

QueenB hiding? No Islamophobia-statement today? Flying Harpies charged w/distorting facts in accurate @dallasnews coverage of her activities?

   Finally, this last tweet should be a call to arms for all Irving citizens to become involved and return Irving’s leadership to a sense of responsible governance which is currently absent with QueenB VDs autocratic and self-aggrandizing actions.

#CharlieHebdo & #StandwithDMN against those distorting (the) truth to create fear & bigotry in support of Irving's mayor! 

   Only when the truth is exposed, by well meaning and honest reporters, will citizens know and understand how Flying Harpies -- playing on fears, bigotry and extreme ideology to promote the personal political agenda of QueenB VD, -- create as much damage and adverse opinion to the city as the queen’s actions do.  And maybe even more!

   Rest assured, all the Flying Harpy droppings on ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ leave a stain, which cannot be erased, for the entire world to witness.    

………………………………Mark Holbrook