Thursday, November 12, 2015

CYA Texting

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   As the political and bureaucratic malfeasance continues to evolve in ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ the first glimpse of factual details regarding the handling of the ‘clock kid’ saga by QueenB VD and the city manager sheds new light on this topic.

   And it isn’t a pretty light being shined.  In fact, one could assume the mayor and city manager were operating completely in the dark and decided utilizing a PR "crisis management" consultant was necessary to radiate a strong beacon for their contrived activities.

   However, the consultant seemed to only illuminate a rather bumpy path of utterly dark incompetence.

   The vast detail of e-mails and text messages, noted in the following DMN article link, certainly reflects the two individuals were in a Code Red (drag out the queen’s Tarn-X® image polish) CYA-mode.

   The DMN article, by Irving’s intrepid reporter and documenter of facts — not tin foil hat conspiracy theories, biased/bigoted and false fright-fest(*) postings as found on a local blog site — Avi Selk, leaves no doubt Deep Throat would have been proud of outing the queen and city manager for their ability to scratch as much kitty litter on the odoriferous problem as they did.

   Maybe, instead of a PR "crisis management" consultant, the mayor and city manager should have allowed Animal Services to clean their litter box, as it seemed to fill up rapidly with the advice they were receiving.

   But then, how could the mayor not go on Glen Beck’s Red Meat TEA-carnivore circus to spew more fact fabrications when approved by their hired PR "crisis management" guru?

> For Factual Information and Detail: DMN, Avi Selk, 11-10-15, e-mail and text message documentation of previously unknown details: 

   While some questions have been addressed and new perspectives gained from the documents exposed, there still remains wonderment as to when other major considerations will be wrapped-up, exposed or documented.  For instance, here are just a few issues staff of the CCR would like to see answered or finalized:

With the queen and city manager in total damage control mode and utilizing CYA-processes, were the other council members informed of what was being done and any actions being taken — without their knowledge — all in the name of the city?  After all, the city has a council/manager form of government…not a queenly autocracy.  And the magic number is still five to reach approval on city issues…as the city manager doesn’t report only to the mayor.

As the city manager apparently used a PR "crisis management" consultant in his attempt to handle/cover/disseminate talking point information and gibberish, did the entire council approve this expenditure in the current year’s budget?

How much has or will the city be paying for the "advice" the consultant provided to the city manager and mayor?

Considering the salary paid the city manager, why wasn’t common sense and the following of already established policies utilized to handle the PR ‘clock kid’ quagmire?  Doesn’t the city have a PR staff person onboard who should be able to address issues of this nature in conjunction with the city manager?

Considering the majority of public sentiment — for all the blowback the ‘clock kid’ issue has created1 — one should remember the origins of this entire cluster fug emanated from the mayor’s constant, unrepentant, self-absorbed political pandering to her Red Meat TEA-carnivore fan base…which has nothing to do with running the City of Irving. 

Would the PR "crisis management" consultant, utilized by the city manager, happen to be the same firm/individual who is currently handling the "image remake" and polishing of the mayor’s persona for her Red Meat TEA-carnivores speaking tour base…which persona went south due to her Islamophobia blathering?

Would it take a Senatorial proclamation from Ted "Lizard Grin" Cruz for the mayor’s 24/7/365-flock of Flying Harpy bloggers on KID (Keep Irving Divisive, as renamed by the CCR) to realize the DMN provided factual information to dispel all the tin foil-hat conspiracy theories espoused on their site?

   Hopefully, the next document dump by the DMN will provide even more insight into how bumbling bureaucrats and an egotistical elected official spend, waste and promote — not the citizen’s agenda — the self-interest concerns of an individual’s personal CYA-texting and messaging of non-transparent comments.

   Remember, the mayor’s actions in this entire ‘clock kid’ saga have caused the city great harm and ridicule.  Her only response to all this — on her Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering tour — is the left wing media is out to get her.  She conveniently forgets she created the issue.  She perpetuates the issue.  And she will be unrepentant as long as her personal political agenda is fulfilled.  After all, she is and represents QueenB VD, not the citizens!

   And by the way, the CCR is not a part of any left wing media outlet out to get the queen.  We actually prefer Popeye’s® spicy right wings!

…………………………………..Mark Holbrook 

1  Should readers doubt the sentiment or veracity of the general public and the manner in which this whole ‘clock kid’ quandary has been injudiciously handled by the Irving mayor and bumbling bureaucrats, then read the comments section, from citizens across Dallas County, found on the link to the above article.  The actions of an attention starved mayor, who thrives more on photo ops, mane flipping, and pandering to Red Meat TEA-carnivores, has ensured Irving will long be remembered as a snickering three-ringed circus where the head clown doesn’t even wear a red nose.

(*)  This designates a "lifted" phrase from a genuinely talented writer.