Sunday, November 22, 2015

CCR 11-22-15 Vacated Position?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Yes, dear readers, there appears to be a need to re-fill the position of mayor for the City of Irving post haste.  The city’s fractured rudder of misguided leadership has again cracked on the rocks of  political malfeasance causing the city to drift farther out in the sea of low achievement and ridicule.

   The music and voices of the Sirens of Anthemusa, now broadcast from Glenn Beck’s studios, to tin foil hat low information followers, snake handling boobs,* and apocalyptic shamans,* has enamored QueenB VD to his shores and obliterated all notions of her serving Irving citizens.

   (Betcha Beck looks funny dressed as a Siren while blathering and broadcasting!)

   You see, the city has an elected mayor, but the current schedule of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores leaves little time for her to perform the solemn duties of representing the best interest of all Irving citizens.  Especially, those duties which have something to do with the city…which would exclude negative publicity.

   While the duties of mayor do not comprise a full-time schedule, there are significant obligations necessary to perform.  Simply stated, the mayor has to have a dedication and commitment to: Sign all of the important city documents the city council has approved; Attend meetings on time each month; respond to citizen queries without spin or pandering; Forego using FaceBook similar to a new edition of Pravda to promote a self-serving agenda; Respond to legitimate media request, when queried, in a timely and factually accurate manner; Discontinue utilizing Red Meat TEA-carnivore publications as a means to document fact fabrications of personal achievements; and maybe cut a ribbon or two for a new business relocating to the city.

   (Hopefully, new businesses locating in the city haven’t been reading the legitimate press coverage QueenB VD has generated.  Her negativity towards all things not fitting her personal political agenda is certainly not a drawing card for businesses.) 

   The above comprises the official business of the city which the mayor is elected to perform.  The mayor is not elected to spread an extreme (and potentially flaky) political dogma replete with fear-mongering, bias and bigotry contrary to the values a majority of the citizens might cling to.

   If you should be interested in filling the position of mayor, you would be advised that the following characteristics will not bode well in your advancement: Being a trust fund kid; Chronic sufferer of NPD; Never being wrong on any issue; Ability to browbeat weak minds and simpletons into following your dictates; Having a Sugar Daddy handler and a stable of "Dark Money" contributors; and attempting to increase your ability to max out the Peter Principle’s newest level of incompetency. 

   (Share this report with a friend or associate.  Surely, there are many individuals interested in serving the city…not their egos.  And the time is now…to begin this consideration.)

   Doesn’t all this sound simple enough?  After all, when the mayor is identified as representing the city and speaks to any group or gathering, the individual’s remarks are portrayed as being the position of the city and the desires of its citizenry.  And the queen has been slyly casting a false litany to all those she meets while pushing her personal political agenda to Red Meat TEA-carnivores.

   When one looks at a typical week in the life of QueenB VD, it appears her self-aggrandizing agenda, as mayor, is to promote her political actions which falsely reflects the position a majority of Irving citizens have.

   The queen constantly blathers all of her comments, statements and fact fabrications while cuddling with her Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  And this is being done as an elected official of the city.

   Consider the following QueenB VD schedule of political pandering accomplished during a week and question how Irving benefitted or was promoted in a positive light: 

   (Oh, Irving was promoted…as the continued laughing stock of the metropolitan area by those with rational thought processes.)

Busy QueenB Self-importance Schedule

Event 1: The queen’s carriage wheels first political pandering stop was to the Parker County TEA party drooling clique.  Of course, the queen was in true form with her blathering about how she saved Irving, the US Constitution and women’s rights by forcing the meaningless State resolution, HB 562, to be passed by the city council with the support of her Pet Rocks, Brad LaMorgese, Gerald Farris, Oscar Ward and Tom Spink.  As you may well remember, the queen also had the prompting, promoting, pushing and pimping of those efforts by Irving’s two State representatives, Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  The State resolution never made it to the floor of the House for a vote, as sharper pencils in the ‘clock box’ recognized the sham and political trickery of the pseudo-legislation proposed.  However, this didn’t stop QueenB VD from spinning and dancing to her own self-serving tune of false achievements and facts fabrication.

Event #2:  Is there a better way to shed the spotlight on QueenB VDs political persona and ego than hanging with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore TV-buddy Glenn Beck at his Mercury One Gala?  This was Beck’s annual event to showcase his highly inflated ego, collect mega-bucks from those who wished to be recognized as believers, and to alert all his low information followers about how it takes considerable funds in his coffers to own a private jet and live the ‘rich and famous’ lifestyle.  
   While the queen’s ego is rather large, it really didn’t hold a candle next to Beck’s bloated persona at the event…even though she might have been sitting next to him during the gala.  Even more amazing is that the facility handling the event was large enough to contain both egos in the same room at the same time.  
   Perhaps, if the queen and Beck really wanted to do something charitable and good for society, they would sponsor a gala to collect funds for curing Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Now, this would go a long way to improve society, ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ and a number of pundits and politicos. 

   (Just pondering: Is it possible QueenB VD is auditioning to be a "consultant" for Beck to help spread his Torofeca?  Or maybe, could the queen have a "Dark Money" supplier bankrolling all her Red Meat TEA-carnivore activities?  We’ll never know unless she makes her Federal tax returns available for public review!)  

Event #3:  Rounding out her Red Meat TEA-carnivore week, QueenB VD attend another Beck sponsored event, the 9-12 Project.  This particular Red Meat TEA-carnivore gathering allowed the queen to flash the pearly whites, conduct concentrated mane flipping, and meet Red Meat WBAP 820 radio jock, Chris Salcedo.  This was an important coupling as Salcedo can now promote the queen as a kindred soul of her, as yet to be identified, personal political agenda.  Chalk up another QueenB VD sycophant who really doesn’t have a clue as to the political devastation or divisiveness piled on the city by the queen via her political malfeasance. 

   And while on the subject of political malfeasance, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, captured just what’s QueenB VDs political shenanigans have recently accomplished for the city.


Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Nov 22
QueenBs Islamophobia TEA-actions & speeches finally bear fruit with armed protestors outside (the) Irving mosque. Fruit variety = Froot Loops®

   So, dear readers, isn’t it just amazing how dedicated QueenB VD is to addressing ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ issues…if she can find time after all her photo ops and Red Meat TEA-carnivore events?  And what makes all her self-interest scheduling of these non-Irving events preposterous is she conducts then as the mayor of the city…using the city’s good name while branding the citizenry with her utter rubbish.
   A lesson, which might be learned from the reign of QueenB VD, is that the silent majority allowed a mayor to turn Irving into a sanctuary city for Red Meat TEA-carnivores, Froot Loops® and vengeful Flying Harpies without protest or awakening to the morass created in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’
   The only question currently remaining is: Do you want Heinz 57® steak sauce with the queen’s next unannounced Red Meat political serving, or are you willing to become involved?

…………………………………..Mark Holbrook

* Phrases were "lifted" from a well established and talented writer…with permission!