Thursday, November 26, 2015

CCR 11-26-15 Happy UnThanksgiving

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   As everyone takes off to participate in the feast of gluttony overindulgence Thanksgiving Day festivities, staff of the CCR would be remiss if we didn’t wish all of our dear readers safe travel, no giggling during the airport body searches, and remembering Aunt Matilda will never shave that mustache of hers.

   While everyone is Thankful for something, shouldn’t it be permissible, on this special day, not to be Thankful for a few things this holiday season?  After all, there are just some issues or individuals we would rather not be troubled or bothered with…or even Thankful for.

   While the list of Thanklessness varies by the individual composing the list, here are a few which could be common ground to many dear readers of the CCR

   So, join us this holiday season and do not be Thankful for:

Politicos:  Included in this category are those whose only claim to fame is to spew inflamed rhetoric against an opponent or the individual currently occupying the office they seek.  Offering no positive, workable solution to what ails the grossly incompetent political system, these individuals are content with promoting fear-mongering and bigotry while debasing various classes of individuals.
   On top of the list of this category could be Ted "Lizard Grin" Cruz.  With a dismal Senate record of accomplishments, he relies on sycophants to promote and push his narrow minded message of  "put me in the Oval Office and I’ll walk across the Tidal Basin without stepping on the stones."  The pomposity, of his rhetoric, is sometimes so disingenuous one wonders why his message plays well for constituents he seeks to serve.  And those individuals, of low information status, hardly represent a significant percentage of rational thinking voters. 
   Sadly, there are those in Irving who believe 'The Gospel According to Teddy’ and consider it divinely inspired.  In fact, they use a local blog site to pimp his callous politics by berating non-believers. 
   No Thanks, Ted!

Preachers:  While the Thanklessness list for this category is probably very small — especially, if one excludes Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr., of the Westboro Baptist Church — the extreme fervor of some preachers is characterized by those who either have a direct Ethernet connection, or a new laser text messaging service hooked up to receive timely and ‘divine’ postings from the Big Guy.  With these computer connections, the preachers have a daily supply of direct religious tidbits to lay on the pacified sheep of their misinformed flock.
   Having orated many ‘direct messages’ received lately from the Big Guy, a recent pronouncement by Robert Jeffress, who intoned that Islam is an "evil and false religion," takes the cake.  Not to feel isolated, he also shares the same basic perspectives for Buddhism and Hinduism…as they are certainly "deceptions by Satan himself."  Wow!  The Big Guy told him all this?  Seriously, this pseudo-religious rhetoric is as bombastic and unbelievable as his buddy's, Donald Trump, inane blathering on political issues he knows nothing about.  
   No Thanks, Robert! 

Wild West "Rangers":  Staff of the CCR is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  An exception is made when a random interpretation is noted and taken by individuals using the precepts, of the right to bear arms, to pander for a narrow-minded and self-aggrandizing agenda which includes fear-mongering and unsubstantiated claims against the mayor of Irving.  (Said claims, regarding her safety and threats, have neither been proven or disproven by the mayor.)  
   As many have already surmised, the actions and speeches of Irving’s mayor helped trigger the recent ‘open carry’ protest by the Bureau on American Islamic Relations* at the Irving mosque.  Just another day when Irving becomes the butt of local and national attention for the misguided and misinformed actions of a few (maybe twelve) on an issue created by the mayor’s prior activities.  
   While the rationale for this group, even being at the mosque, was faulty, the fact they were there armed and intimidating innocent bystanders only fueled the embers with the political gasoline the mayor had sprinkled throughout the city via her various speeches, sycophant bloggers and the self-interest agenda she chases.  Yes, the mayor’s political Molotov cocktail just added to the arsenal of the pseudo-Rangers of BAIR.  
   No Thanks, BAIR! 

Irving’s pseudo-mayor:  Over the years, the mayors of Irving represented the city and were team players with the city council.  The efforts of previous administrations were to provide a city which could boast a genuine quality of life and have a thriving business community that worked toward creating an environment and spirit of cooperation for all citizens.  My, how times have changed.
   Today, the mayor of Irving is more interested in photo ops, appeasing a national political party movement and setting her sights on an as yet determined or identified (to the public) personal political agenda. 
   The divisiveness she has created and sponsored over the State HB 562 resolution will long scar the good accomplished by former mayors and councils.  The self-centered attitude the mayor emits has done little to create a positive climate for citizens and businesses.  What makes this tale of political malfeasance even gloomier is the few (currently three) council members who have assisted her efforts to promote her self-aggrandizing agenda.  Said agenda, of the mayor, does include: a plethora of  "Dark Money" contributors, a Sugar Daddy handler, single source developers, and cronies with definite conflicts of interest.
   We should all run for the hills if the mayor purchases a fiddle with her "Dark Money" slush fund.  This could only mean one thing…QueenB VD wants to emulating Nero.
   No Thanks, mayor BVD!   

  So, while staff of the CCR might give Thanks for the good that makes Irving a better community, we will continue to be less Thankful for the factors and forces which cause the city to be classified as a Banana Republic via the misguided actions of a few individuals and the mayor.

   Maybe, by the next holiday season, many of these misguided individuals will have moved on to concerns which do not shine a dismal and frightening light on ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

   Should this happen and the ‘dark forces’ do move on, then staff of the CCR will once again believe in Santa Claus.  Until then, Happy UnThanksgiving!

…………………………….Mark Holbrook