Saturday, December 5, 2015

CCR 12-05-15 The Mute WIMP

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“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

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   mayor BVD continues to don her ‘cloak of invisibility’ and garner more ridicule by not responding to legitimate questions posed by the media.  Instead, she blathers fairy tale talking points probably scripted by her PR "crisis management" consultant.

   Of course, mayor  BVD has no problem with avoiding responding to the media.  After all, she is more interested in protecting her political aspirations with Red Meat TEA-carnivores…rather than addressing issues which are of major and critical concern to Irving citizens.  Especially, since the issue of safety for all Irving citizens is in the balance!  

   One FaceBook poster wins the CCRs WWW (Wordsmithing Word of the Week) award with her characterization of mayor BVD as: The WIMP (Worst Irving Mayor Possible).  Congrats to the lucky winner whose name will not be posted to prevent her from being attacked by the mayor’s flock of Flying Harpy bloggers on KID (Keep Irving Divisive).  

   BTW: The winning prize is a photo op with mayor BVD at her next Red Meat TEA-carnivores blathering. (snicker) 

   Back to the topic at hand.

   Today’s Pop Quiz Questions:  When will mayor BVD respond or issue a formal statement and advise the "unsavory visitors" to the city that they are not welcome?  Does not addressing this critical issue infer the mayor is comfortable with these groups stirring hate and discontent in the city?  Does not addressing this issue really make Irving a "happy" city?  Doesn’t it stand to reason these groups have selected Irving due to actions, pronouncements and TEA party speeches the mayor has blanketed North Texas with?  Could it be the "sad" people in Irving are those who realize mayor BVD is more interested in scoring political points than acting in a responsible manner for Irving citizens?  

   Perhaps, the "unsavory groups" (BAIR, Texas Rebel Knights of the KKK, Sons of Liberty riding club, Overpasses for America, etc.) descending on the city are the ones who really do "understand" Irving…because mayor BVD has provided them the fuel they need to ignite their hate and discontent! 

   See the latest classic, sad and dangerous example of non-responsiveness by mayor BVD in the following D Magazine posting. 

………………………………Mark Holbrook 

Van Duyne: ‘Sad’ That Outsiders Don’t Understand Irving
GLENN HUNTER, D Magazine (Front/Burner blog), December 4, 2015

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne says her support for legislative prohibitions on the application of foreign law—think Sharia courts—here is part and parcel of her sworn duty to uphold the U.S. and Texas constitutions. She supports Gov. Greg Abbott’s position against the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Texas. And, after calling Irving one of the most diverse and “happy” communities anywhere, she told a reporter she’d have no comment on various pro- and anti-Muslim rallies there—including one planned for late May by robe- and hood-wearing members of the Texas Rebel Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. But then she added: “I think it’s sad that we had outside people coming in that have a false impression of our city.” Van Duyne made her comments during and after a National Center for Policy Analysis luncheon today in Addison featuring her, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, and Corpus Christi Mayor Nelda Martinez.

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