Saturday, February 20, 2016

CCR 02-20-16 Of Rocks and Clowns

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Of Rocks and Clowns"

    Here is the unofficial/official candidate filings for the May 7, 2016 city council election

Place 1:  John Danish vs. Loren Byers

Place 2:  (at large) Allan Meagher  vs. Tom Spink (No, that’s not a typo!) and Shamima Mondal

Place 7:  Kyle Taylor  vs.  Emanuel Lewis

(Note: Those identified in bold print will be supported by staff of the CCR.)

   If you considered the national political scene to be a voter’s circus in the making, then stay tuned for the upcoming Irving City council election.

 While later reports will go into greater detail concerning the upcoming election and candidates, one has to chuckle now when noting the candidates QueenB VD and her "Dark Money" hustlers will need to spend bucks on to support increasing her pile of Pet Rocks on the council.

   Without Pet Rocks in place, QueenB VD cannot fulfill her self-indulgent personal agenda.

   With Pet Rock Farris leaving her fold by not running for re-election, this only leaves her always present and shamefully obedient Pet Rock-in-Charge, Brad LaMorgese, requiring company. 

   Of course, QueenB VD can often count on Oscar Ward to perform his wishy-washy and pabulum-enriched Pet Rock-rhetoric to vote as the queen dictates when placed under pressure.

   This voting skullduggery was noted at a recent council meeting when Ward’s voting veered 180° from his assurances to an individual that he would vote for his placement on the Planning and Zoning commission.  However, the queen didn’t want Ward to vote for this individual and Ward certainly didn’t want her wrath and that of her "Dark Money" handlers to rain down on his head.
   (Forget doing what is right, or in the best of the city!)

   Staff of the CCR is sure you noticed Tom Spink has crawled out of the political rubbish he created to once again run for city council.  Will this be the time he fully explains his past resumé fabrications…hoping this will allow him to return to the council and serve the queen again as a Pet Rock?  
   (Can someone who fabricated facts be trusted if they only offer a fluffy political mea culpa? Also, maybe Spink should add another line to his non-catchy politico logo.  What about: "Think Spink, Think Stink?")

   Get ready folks.  The "Dark Money" VW clown car is being loaded, funds are flush, contributors are secret, and total expenditures will be unknown.  And this is exactly how QueenB VD and her handlers like to buy elections and Pet Rocks to protect her "Dark Money" hustlers, single source developers, special interest groups and cronies.

   Advanced Election Alert: Do not support or vote  for any candidate wearing a ‘red nose.’  Staff of the CCR can confirm the council candidates noted above in bold print have already passed this red noses.
   Besides, those candidates would not take a ride offered by a stranger in a VW clown car.

……………………………………Mark Holbrook