Friday, February 19, 2016

CCR 02-19-16 Articles of Truth

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Articles of Truth"

   This has been a glorious spectacular  depressing week for QueenB VD.  And an even sadder week for the city of Irving.

   While always seeking her next photo op or press coverage for her self-aggrandizing agenda, the old adage of the "chickens coming home to roost" actually landed this week in her royal courtyard…again.  

   And QueenB VD, being the self-anointed champion of Red Meat TEA-carnivores in Irving, just doesn’t like poultry on her plate of faux achievements.

   For instance, the queen was noted, referenced and again called to task in articles by well respected publications.  Not only did the articles note the fallacy of her previous pronouncements resulting from pushing the State HB562 resolution through the city council, but also her facts fabrication while on the Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking tour.

   (One has to believe Morris Parrish is in a celestial sphere, giving high fives to outstanding mayors like Bob Pierce and Bob Power, for being replaced on the ‘Worst Irving Mayor Possible’ (WIMP)* totem pole by QueenB VD.  This move now places Parrish, perhaps, behind Bobby Joe Raper.)

   Read the following with sadness, as our beloved city has swirled further into the porcelain latrine during the reign of the queen.  Certainly, go to the referenced links for full detail and verification of the facts noted herein. 

Dallas Morning News 
February 17, 2016

   The gist of the referenced article is how individuals have been responsible for the rise of hate groups in Texas.  Of course, Irving has become a major player in this effort by creating divisiveness and fear-mongering via the passage of the irresponsible council resolution for State HB 562.  This was the tipping point which later led to the ‘clock kid’ incident.  And these two incidents firmly planted Irving in the garden, on the world stage, of ridicule.  

   Those two events also showcased Irving as a spotlight beacon of ignorance and intolerance never before witnessed in the city.  (The CDC -- Center for Disease Control -- even offered to inoculate all citizens for the viral effect this political publicity has had on the city.)

   While the link to the entire article is noted below, here are two of the more significant items QueenB VD, her flock of Flying Harpies and sycophant FaceBook bloggers just will not understand, accept or acknowledge as being the root cause of Irving being viewed with disdain, contempt and scorn by rational thinking individuals. 

"It pointed to Van Duyne’s suggestion that an Islamic tribunal for civil disputes was a covert attempt to impose Shariah law, though other faiths use similar tribunals. Van Duyne asked the rest of the City Council to endorse a state bill that would have banned the use of foreign laws in state criminal courts — something that is already illegal."

   If you recall, the vote was 5-4 with QueenB VD leading her Pet Rocks (Farris, LaMorgese, Spink and Ward) to pass the resolution which was also being sponsored and pimped by State representatives and Red Meat TEA-carnivores Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi.

   Of course, Pet Rock Farris had to weigh in on the article…as one of the council members who voted in favor of the resolution.  His brilliant spouting was actually one of the leftover and untrue talking points QueenB VD had provided.

"Council member Gerald Farris, who endorsed the bill, said he was voting to uphold the Constitution and nothing more." 

   Really?  If the filament in Pet Rock Farris’ bulb hadn’t burned out, he might have had an idea and asked/answered the following question before blabbering such an inane response: If the US Constitution was under attack or needing upholding, could you name one other Texas city or city council which agreed with this premise and voted a similar resolution in support of State HB 562?
   (crickets chirping)

ESQUIRE Magazine
March, 2016

   When a national magazine titles an article "The Muslims of Irving," one just has to figure the city leadership is not going to be portrayed in a positive light.  And this was certainly true with the Esquire article recently published.

   The article goes into great detail on how the city, under the pseudo-leadership of QueenB VD, is again on the national stage demonstrating how a petulant and arrogant mayor can ruin the reputation of a fine city.

   Detailing the actions taken by QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks, the Esquire article notes the bigoted gun toting clowns (Bureau of American Islamic Relations) prancing around religious institutions in the city along with an interview of their leader.  The individual interviewed cites the primary reason for being in Irving was due to the mayor’s fear-mongering blathering on State HB 562 during passage of the council resolution.

   Of course, the possibility of the Texas Rebel Knights of the KKK visiting the city is still real.  They, too, are on the queen’s bandwagon of spreading hate and discontent in the city.

   What seems to be remarkable, with all of the divisiveness created in Irving over the facts fabrications by the mayor, not one of these groups, individuals, Pet Rocks, sycophant FaceBook blogger, Red Meat TEA-carnivores, Glenn "Tin Foil Hat Revolution" Beck, Flying Harpy, or QueenB VD has identified, named or documented any terrorist in our midst.  

   When comparing the queen’s record on quashing terrorist with the FBI, NSA, CIA and other spook shops, her performance is dismal and akin to her other self-interest achievements…unless one counts photo ops or news coverage.  (She does receive high marks on those two items as long as one spells her name correctly in any article published.)

   However, QueenB VD and her followers do have high marks for dispensing loads of Islamophobia.

   Noteworthy items from the ESQUIRE article:

   "Here in Texas, you are more likely to die from a blotched plastic surgery than at the hands of a terrorist, but the open-carry crowd is not lining up in front of the fancy office in Highland Park."

"Just ask Irving mayor Beth Van Duyne, who was so certain that the mosque here had instituted the first "sharia court" in America that she passed a bill through her city council last year to ban any legal authority in her town that wasn’t American."

"And in fact, most churches and synagogues have similar conflict-resolution groups.  Most do not attract armed protests.  But thanks to mayor Van Duyne, non-binding arbitration is now against the law in Irving, Texas."

"Wright (Bureau of American Islamic Relations protest group) explains how he’s not stopping them from practicing their religion.  And of course that’s true — he’s just making them fear for their lives." 

ESQUIRE article "The Muslims of Irving" link:

Good News Item:  The city recently hosted the annual banquet for those serving on boards and commissions.  The event was held at the convention center.  This fete is to recognize the considerable time and effort expended by ordinary citizens who serve to make Irving a remarkable city.  And through those efforts, great strides are being made which has little or nothing to do with the current turbulent, political climate.
Sad News Item:  Finally, the recent rash of negative publicity this week must have tossed QueenB VD into a catatonic state.  She was a no show for the city’s annual banquet for members of boards and commissions.  Some wonder if she was hiding in the deep recesses of a dank Flying Harpy cave, or maybe ‘chicken, not Red Meat,’ was actually on the menu.  
   Who knows?  
   How much "Dark Money" might be spent with the queen’s high priced Dallas PR flack to spin a tale of "pressing matters" which prevented her appearance?  (It should be noted, prior mayors took great pride in attending this function as it gave them a chance to personally thank a dedicated group of citizens for their service to Irving.)

   At any rate, an opportunity was missed, by the city and event planners, to request having the QueenB VD Photo Op Doppelgänger (see 2-11-16 CCR report) as a stand-in for the boards and commissions program…in lieu of the queen.  (Maybe next year if the queen is still ‘pressing matters.’)

……………………………..Mark Holbrook

*    This creative acronym was crafted by a reader of the CCR reports and lifted without permission.  Mea Culpa!