Friday, March 11, 2016

CCR 03-11-16 Emergency Clucking Alert

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”


   For a mayor and her dedicated followers, who vowed city government was going to be transparent and open to the public, a sneak attack -- greater than Pearl Harbor -- against having public input on a city issue is about to take place.

   The city ordinance to ban roosters and severely limit the number of chickens, plus a coop load of other restrictions, is scheduled to be acted on: 

   MARCH 17, 2016, 7:00 PM, Irving City Hall.  The ordinance is Item #29 on the city council agenda. 

   There has been no open public consideration of this ordinance before placing it on an agenda.

   The changes will affect thousands of Irving citizens due to three or four grumpy folks who don’t like roosters crowing!  And this is democracy?  And this is allowing the public to express concerns on an issue and recommend changes before the item is paced on an agenda for a vote?

   In fact, the mayor even complemented one of the individuals, at a recent council meeting, for his drive and determination of pushing this ordinance forward.  Wow!  That’s really being neutral before an item is even brought forward before the public and city council for a vote!  
   (And this was mentioned, by the mayor, during the citizen’s forum where the mayor and council members are not supposed to comment on any issue citizen’s bring forward.)

   If you want to assist in restoring city government  — TO THE MAJORITY — regarding the banning and limiting of chickens, you have little time to act.

   Call or e-mail the mayor and council members and let them know the action being taken, in this instance, is contrary to good, open and transparent government.

Beth Van Duyne
(972) 898-7500
Oscar Ward
(469) 704-8479
Brad LaMorgese
(214) 460-1990
Gerald Farris
(972) 554-1810
Phil Riddle
(469) 781-7176
David Palmer
(214) 557-8406
John Danish
(972) 554-5060
Allan Meagher
(972) 313-0909
Dennis Webb
(214) 490-9749

   If the course of action on this issue cannot be changed or altered, whereby citizens have an opportunity to consider and offer input before being placed on an agenda for voting, then another black mark has been added to the city’s Wall of Shame!

…………………………….Mark Holbrook and Hector, the CCR Guard Rooster
For the Record:  Staff of the CCR has a crowing rooster living about four houses down and we are still opposed to this ordinance being enacted.