Saturday, March 26, 2016

CCR 03-26-16 Crowing for Information

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Spring has sprung and more than weeds seem to be poking though the political compost pile in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  Without having to use any toxic pesticides to control the spreading of these obnoxious and parasitic growths, staff of the CCR contracted HBOs John Oliver, of  the "Last Week Tonight" laugh fest, to assist in crafting this week’s disjointed report.  And it should be just as disjointed as some of his classic "cat kicking" and ribald rants. 

   CCR Presents: Last Week Today
Feather Fluffing:  Great news for QueenB VD: Peons and serfs of the realm have come to her aid and spared no expense to accommodate — as she always dictates and demands — one of her pressing needs and desires.

   Since she doesn’t have "one" of these in the fight1 to save ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ when the chicken ban ordinance returns to the city council for review and consideration, a coalition of serfs and peons will now assure there will be "one" at her side when it is time for her royal crowing.

   Yes, QueenB VD will now be able to take advantage of ARE (Anonymous Rooster Escorts: Your prime source for all cock-a-doodle-doo needs.)  

   Even though there will be two public hearings on the proposed chicken ban ordinance, chances of the queen attending either to hear citizens concerns are currently pegged at 36:1. 

  Those are not good odds.  Especially, since some (a very small minority of four?) are willing to throw all the hens and roosters out of their coops.  This minuscule band of civic malcontents, who initiated the touching of Irving’s third rail, seem more inclined to pursue a personal agenda as opposed to creating a greater benefit to the city for a much larger majority.
   (Question: Does one of the chief complainants of roosters and hens in the city also serve on a city board or commission?)

   Calendar Postings:  The public hearings on the city’s chicken ban ordinance will be April 11th at the Heritage Senior Center and April 12th at the Irving Arts Center.  The starting time for each event is 6:30 PM.  Remind your friends and neighbors as they are the key to effect change and keep busybodies and government out of their personal business.  And remember: #rostersmatter  #pleasethehens  #citizensmatter !

    Staff of the CCR would recommend rookie council member Phil Riddle attend both hearings in order to witness a large number of individuals, who are not whispering in his ear to ban roosters and hens in the city.  This would assist him in learning there are always two sides to every issue.  

City Council Races:  While it has been rather quiet, with little public notice on the various races, one contest in particular should require deeper thought and consideration by voters. 

   In the Place 7 race between  Kyle Taylor and  Emanuel Lewis, there are many, many unanswered questions by one of the candidates…Emanuel Lewis.

   Emanuel Lewis/Manu Dance/Huh? has yet to inform potential voters who he is, what he does and what are his background credentials now and prior to arriving in Irving a few short years ago.  In fact, a contact phone number has been scratched off his: Application for A Place on the Ballot form.  Does he not want potential voters/constituents to be able to contact him?

   In a recent candidates’ forum, Lewis made the comment that the council race was about what he would do as a city council member and not about him.  What?  When did this illogical consideration become a working model for a campaign?

   Voters determine whom they will vote for based on the individual and issues.  And voters certainly are entitled to know about the candidate, his background and potentially how they would conduct themselves if elected.

   Irving voters should demand Lewis provide detailed and verifiable information about his past employment, educational background and other pertinent information as an official running for public office…which is often done by all other candidates.
   (Commercial Plug: Lewis would do well to examine the current  John Danish brochure.  After reading the Danish missive, citizens know about the candidate and his actual qualifications to be able to cast an informed vote.)   
   By not providing this critical information, Irving voters are quick to remember how the flawed character representation and background of another city council member (currently running again) was discovered when resumé "facts" seem to be fabricated and never explained.
   (Voters are still wondering when Tom Spink will fully explain, as he claimed he would do after losing his last election, what the reality of his facts fabrication on his resumé are attributable to.)

   And for these reasons, staff of the CCR still recommends voters favor Kyle Taylor for the Place 7 council election.

School Board Races:  There is only one contested school board race.  The race pits current board member Lee Mostey against former school board member A. D. Jenkins.  Staff of the CCR recommends Lee Mostey since it appears the board is on a straight and steady course as opposed to when Jenkins served and turmoil seemed to be the order of the day.
   (While giving credit to the current board, the fact the superintendent has also strived to create a positive environment and achievement for staff, teachers and students should be noted.  This, too, was sorely missing when Jenkins was on the board.)

   Jenkins, from many perspectives, failed to demonstrate leadership when previously serving and mostly sided with those who were primarily responsible for creating much of the district’s turmoil.  And this is why Lee Mostey should be re-elected.
Speaking Tours Continue:  When does it stop?  At some point in time, one would assume those, who continue to invite QueenB VD to speak before any Red Meat TEA-carnivore meeting, would take a sip of reality and recognize her spiel is primary facts fabrication, posturing, and photo ops.  After all, these speaking engagements are designed by her for a personal, self-serving agenda.

   Of course, by considering Glenn Beck a mentor and goose stepping to the strides of Ted "Lizard Grin" Cruz, the queen is filled with visions of being something other than mayor of Irving.

   Apparently, those not reading the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, Texas Monthly, Dallas Observer and other legitimate publications around the state are content to accept the verbal diarrhea the queen spews, foregoing what the truth or facts might be, for the situations babbled to her audience.

   While most don't recognize, QueenB VD only does what can promote or push her personal agenda.  And a seriously ill-informed gathering listening to her is not aware of this situation.  The continued diatribe of misinformation, inflamed rhetoric and discontent does little to promote Irving in a positive light. 

   Of course, if the spotlight is on QueenB VD then that is all that counts in her egotistical world!

True Confession:  Okay, this CCR report has no resemblance to a John Oliver HBO production.  Maybe we should have actually verified Oliver’s credentials when they were submitted.
   (Could the information have been provided by Emanuel Lewis?)

…………………………….…………Mark Holbrook

1  ICTN, city council work session, Wednesday, March 16, 2016, Item 2: Part 1of 2 @ 50.18 — Where QueenB VD notes she does not have "one" in the chicken ban ordinance discussion and fight: