Sunday, April 3, 2016

CCR 04-03-16 Pardon, Monsieur

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   If we hadn’t read it ourselves, staff of the CCR would have thought someone was still playing an April Fool’s joke on us.  However, the following turned out not to be the case, but rather an extreme instance when reality mocked humor!

   It appears a local contingency of Frogs French folks (not to be confused with Louisiana Cajuns who seem to have an abundance of political common sense) are preparing to bestow the "2016 Alain Bellet Award" to QueenB VD.  Who?  What?  And more importantly, why?

   Yes, dear readers, the French-American Chamber of Commerce DFW 1(FACC-DFW), on May 13, 2016, will prepare French cuisine for a champagne fete to "honor" the queen.  

   The stated rationale for this award is: "Each year Alain Bellet, Founder of the French-American Chamber of Commerce DFW, gives his award to an individual who has significantly contributed to the increasing prosperity of North Texas."

   Question: QueenB VD has brought significant prosperity to North  By herself?  As only one of nine, on the Irving City council, should citizens believe the other eight members did little or nothing to move Irving forward when leadership in the mayor’s office has been stagnant for some time?  

   Perhaps, the definition of prosperity in French, by Mr. Bellet, doesn’t translate with the same understanding as it might in good old boy Irving-English. 

   Does prosperity in Irving-English as promoted by QueenB VDs actions, statements and activities the past several years mean: having open carry demonstrators prancing around religious institutions; plans for members of the KKK to visit the city this summer; blabbing on Glenn Beck’s TV program which increased tensions in the city; fabricating facts on her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking circuit; having a constant negative attitude for developments which would greatly benefit the city (ARKs Entertainment Center, hotel and office building for starters); being a party to the collection of unknown -- to the general public -- large sums of "Dark Money" from unknown contributors for unknown expenditures?  

   Or, maybe, prosperity hides in the hidden agendas, lack of transparency and single source developers the queen is skilled at creating and manipulating.

   Apparently, the FACC-DFW doesn’t read local papers to note specifically what QueenB VD has actually done to the city over the past years.  And she certainly couldn’t be personally responsible for increasing prosperity.  Increasing negative opinion regarding the city…correct!  

   If one considers prosperity as her having insipid political, self-serving actions go viral making Irving look like a backward third world settlement, then she should receive the ‘award.’

   Could an explanation for the FACC-DFW recognizing QueenB VD be that  her highly paid Dallas PR firm might have connections or trolled this group to petition them to have her receive this somewhat dubious sounding ‘award’?  Or, maybe, does QueenB VD know Mr. Bellet personally and petitioned him to confer the ‘award’ on her?  Who knows?

   Rest assured, an ‘award’ of this nature could cause any NPD-sufferer to spike at 9.99 on a 10.00 scale of self-interest. 

   However, in all fairness to QueenB VD, the ‘award’ will fit nicely…along with other dubious recognitions and photo ops she has recently collected.  

   And who knows, receiving this ‘award’ just might cause QueenB VD to change her self-aggrandizing stance of considering that the old central library should not be utilized for the Irving Historical Museum.  (It should be considered.) 

   Presently, the queen is floating on her cloud of personal grandeur by possibly insisting on a use for the old library which hasn’t even been considered, reviewed or formally identified to the city council…if such a consideration even exists and is not another of the queen’s instances of facts fabrication.  (Could her agenda for the old library be another instance of pimping a single source developer?)

   The only thought left for staff of the CCR to consider, concerning the hilarity of the recognition of QueenB VD by FACC-DFW, is: Sacre bleu, Monsieur Bellet.  À quoi penses-tu?

…………………………………Mark Holbrook

 1    French-American Chamber of Commerce DFW