Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CCR 04-26-16 Flaming Resumé

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Flaming Resumé"

   FOUND: The long lost, fact fabricated, LaSalle Extension University (A Correspondence Institution) resumé credential — which Tom Spink has avoided producing, explaining or correcting in campaign materials for his last two campaigns — has been unearthed. 

   Staff of the CCR managed to obtain this picture1 before it went up in a blaze of flames and smoke…much like Spink’s babbling and foolish spinning of gibberish in a campaign mailing to evade full and honest disclosure of his credentials.

   What is now interesting, in the Spink campaign, is the fact that a "Dark Money" director has posted a Spink campaign mailing not only asking citizens to vote for Spink, but gratuitously extolling the pseudo-political virtues of QueenB VD who is not even on the ballot this year. 

   And this Spink mailing by a "Dark Money" director completes the loop of establishing that QueenB VD is pulling out all the stops to have Spink return as an obedient, subservient and complicit Pet Rock in her diminishing collection.

   Once again, QueenB VD has demonstrated just two, of many, major principles wrong with her reign and leadership style in Irving: cronyism and money.

   And, dear readers, be assured those two factors are in play — in the trenches by Pet Rocks, Flying Harpies and sycophant Red Meat TEA-carnivores — especially, in the northern section of the city.

   As early voting will be until May 3, 2016, don’t hesitate to vote and help return Irving to the city it should be.  As a voting reminder:

 Place 1  John Danish
     Place 2  Allan Meagher
Place 7  Kyle Taylor

   If you recall from previous CCR reports, the Danish contender, Loren Byers, is already being pimped for the queen’s list for Pet Rock status.  And the Taylor contender, Emanuel Lewis, is a Pet Rock wannabe desiring to willingly serve QueenB VD.

   Early voting    April 25 to May 3
   Election Day  May 7

   Vote as if your city depended on you…which it does.

   DISCLAIMER: This report, mailing and distribution was not funded by "Dark Money," cronies, single source developers, Pet Rocks, Flying Harpies, or Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  Those individuals only kowtow to the throne of QueenB VD.

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

1 Note: The disclaimer on the match book reads: "No State accepts any law home Study course , including LaSalle’s as sufficient education to quality (qualify?) for admission to practice law."