Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CCR 04-20-16 Unabashed Voters Guide

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Unabashed Voters Guide"

   The time is near, dear readers.  With very little fanfare, commotion or recognizable skullduggery from the trenches, the May 7, 2016, election approaches.  Early voting starts next week on Monday, April 25, 2016.

   To ensure readers understand where the staff of the CCR leans in this process,  the following is for your consideration and possible use.  (Clip, save and consider the following when going to the polls.)


Official CCR Voters Guide to Better Government
(And were are not ashamed to admit our bias.)

Irving City Council
Place 1 (Single Member District)
     John Danish

Place 2 (At-large)
     Allan Meagher

Place 7 (Single Member District)
      Kyle Taylor

Irving IISD
(There is only one contested race)
District 5
     Lee Mosty

Dallas County Community College District
District 2  
     J. C. Osborne 


In Summary

   To better understand the rationale for the above CCR choices, a little background on the non-selected candidates is in order.
Place 1 Pick - Danish:  His opponent is Loren Byers.  As many will recall, Byers was part and parcel of the ragtag group, which included Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  These folks pushed, promoted, pimped, and spoke in favor of the ridiculous State HB 562 resolution which had nothing to do with Irving.  The measure was fostered by the mayor for her personal political gratification.  
   The initial results this political sham created: a divisiveness in the city; witnessed outsiders prancing around toting guns in front of a religious institution; helped promote a trip, by a KKK faction, to visit the city; and caused Irving to become the laughing stock of cities worldwide.
   The actions of Byers and his Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophants has permanently sullied the reputation of Irving and created a climate certainly not endorsed by a majority of its citizens.  Additionally, Byers’ candidacy would be his desired wish and stepping stone to becoming a devoted and obeying Pet Rock for QueenB VD. 

Place 2 Pick - Meagher:  His opponent is the former resumé-fact-fabrication council member Tom Spink.  Spink has yet to clear the air on his previous loss due to public indignation over his fluffy credentials.  He campaigns on old, redundant and tired rhetoric which is not relevant today due to actions already taken by the council since his election loss exit.  Additionally, Spink always fails to mention, when campaigning, that he also supported the mayor’s vote on the inane State HB 562 resolution while serving as one of her obedient Pet Rocks.  Some candidates should just never be recycled!

Place 7 Pick - Taylor:  His chief opponent is Emanuel Lewis.  There is little to tell about Lewis as his background and qualifications are as mysterious as his talking point gibberish of dancing around questions voters have demanded answers to.  Nebulous and generic responses about his past, current employment and background (with actual company names and dates) is how he plays a political stealth game to appeal to some of the mayor’s supporters and, perhaps, a small faction of her Red Meat TEA-carnivore faction.  While unannounced, he would be a very malleable Pet Rock in QueenB VDs entourage.
District 5 Pick - Mosty:  His opponent is A. D. Jenkins who many will remember from his lackluster performance when previously serving on the ISD board of trustees.  In fact, most will remember he was one of the integral players during much of the turmoil of the dysfunctional superintendent and the Huffstetler-board era.  Another classic example of a candidate which should not be recycled.

District 2 Pick - Osborne:  There are four individuals running for this position.  While readers might consider one of the three individuals running, there is one candidate who should be avoided at all cost — Richard Morgan.  Morgan is being pushed, promoted and pimped by State representatives Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  Morgan is a TEA-party hack and could bring nothing but disruptive political speak to this fine education board.  His qualifications for serving basically feature his involvement in TEA-party campaigns with little being demonstrated toward actual service to the community.  The DCCCD is a worthy institution serving student needs and ambitions and does not need his hot air and TEA-gibberish.  Sadly, Irving’s State reps still haven’t recognized their brand of TEA-politics is not in the best interest of Irving citizens.

   As usual, the choices of whom to vote for resides with your judgement.  And only the voters will determine who will serve as their various representatives…unless the GOP/DNC comes to town and decides to change the election rules midstream.

   The campaigning for positions has been very sedate this political season and this should be a warning to all voters who want the best representation and government possible.  Quality candidates can often lose when stealth candidates have an abundance of cronies and money, working in the trenches, to quietly elect political hacks or unqualified individuals who will only endorse the hidden agendas of those who work silently for their self-interest issues.

   Feel free to share this report with friends, associates, or others interested in making Irving the community it should be. 

   Vote wisely and don’t be swayed by any fluffy PR pieces which might clutter your mailbox…especially if they have been paid for by "Dark Money"…from the queen’s treasury. 

………………………………Mark Holbrook