Sunday, December 11, 2016

CCR 12-11-16 More Words Than Pic

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"More Words Than Pic"

   The following pic was used in the 11-29-16 CCR report.  Without going into all the particulars of the report, just visit the blog site ( ) to refresh your  short term memory.

   The report was written as an opinion of what the picture might or could be depicting politically…not as a realistic comical or satirical posting.

   For the Record:  No mention was ever made in the report for: where the picture was taken; when the picture was taken; whom might have been involved in the event where the picture was captured; what event created the need for the picture; or why QueenB VD, who was alone in the picture, was armed.

   Simply stated, the CCR report utilized the picture to demonstrate, once again, how the queen could use any and all pictures, regarding any event, to promote or further her political agenda of self-interest and Hollywood-ish posing.

   After all, the picture was lifted from the Beth Van Duyne, Governmental Official, FaceBook page which is designed for all those who follow, or want to see what the queen’s latest escapade of pandering might be.

   The above point regarding where the picture was lifted by the CCR bears repeating…Beth Van Duyne, Governmental Official.  By virtue of this designation, the picture was for public review, consumption, and comment, regardless of what the circumstances might have been for the posing while she was armed with a rifle.

   Bottom Line:  If QueenB VD was really interested in creating a personal-life-aura, then wouldn’t she be best served by not posting potential political poses on her "government official" FaceBook page for the world to see? 
   The following represents the stats, the day after the initial blog posting, related to the recent QueenB VD pic-report:

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   The above statistics are in addition to the several hundred e-mails sent to those on the CCRs ‘dear readers’ mailing list.  
   (And there is no known number, by the CCR staff, of folks who receive the reports and forward them to their mailing list.  Hopefully, this is a ‘huge’ number!)

   While staff of the CCR doesn’t believe all ‘dear readers’ will ever agree with their assessment on any particular topic, we find it strange when only one negative response, out of all the other e-mail or tweet reactions, took exception to the QueenB VD pic-report.

   Could there be only one lone low information supporter of QueenB VD flying around the realm who took umbrage to the picture?  Could the queen have directed this individual to register a scathing screed to deflect, via misinformation, what the CCR report actually pro ported or stated? 

   Staff of the CCR doubts this, but apparently a dictate might have been issued to flay the CCR staff and fabricate a rationale which had little or nothing to do with the facts or premise as noted in the report.  But then, isn’t this what sycophant followers sometimes do…spew fact fabrications?

   Well, dear readers, it's just another day in keeping you informed of events transpiring in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ where some individuals promote invalid talking points and spin to reinforce a position or concern which is designed to prop up QueenB VDs self-aggrandizing agenda.

……………………………….Mark Holbrook