Sunday, January 29, 2017

CCR 01-29-17 Torofeca Storm Alert

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Torofeca Storm Alert"

   It’s on!  Time to double down!  Pull out all the stops!  Fabricate issues not relevant to Irving!  Work sycophant supporters into a feeding frenzy!  Spread Torofeca deeper than what has been spread the past six years! 

   Yes, dear readers, QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores and Standard Bearer WIMP is in a fever (rabid?) pitch preparing to launch a desperate re-election campaign.  Included in her arsenal of misinformation could be a new social media PR/hack/troll posting on the local FaceBook page where Flying Harpies gather.  All of the queen’s efforts will ensure ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ is blanketed with enough Torofeca to fertilize all 67.7 square miles of the city. 

   Perhaps, the best sign QueenB VD is running for re-election might be the fact she apparently was not selected to assume any position in the new Trump administration…even after prancing all around D.C. attempting to secure a post.  How sad!  Does this mean the queen will not be a Trumpette?  If this is the case, then Irving’s loss becomes D.C.s gain.

   Question of the Day: Does Irving really need three more years of bad publicity, which brings discredit to the city, by an individual more interested in self-promotion than doing what the job of mayor entails?  Does Irving really deserve the banner headlines of gun toting Froot Loops® and Texas KKK members menacing citizens and religious institutions?

   Well, be prepared as QueenB VD is at it again…much like last summer with her infamous and disturbing activities regarding the "clock kid."  

   Two recent articles, related to QueenB VDs quest to drum up publicity for her self-interest agenda, highlight the extremes she will go to have the spotlight shine on her mane flipping egocentricity.   Read each of the following articles to realize QueenB VD is not doing the city any credit with her blathering, fabricated-fact quotes, and continued failure to respond to the Dallas Morning News when asked to explain her rationale on such inane issues and actions.
   (Apparently, the only media publications the queen will respond to would be Internet publications run by individuals sitting at a desk in their mom’s basement, chewing red meat jerky and blogging for sycophants hoping readers believe what is being posted is credible journalism.)

   In this particular article, QueenB VD is setting the stage for traipsing down to Austin to, once again, place her xenophobia, fact fabrications and mythical issue of America law sinking into the pit of obscurity on view.  The meeting she attended is sponsored by another ‘right-wing nut’ Texas legislator who apparently has the same shoe-size-IQ when it comes to the queen in fabricating facts.  You’ll also note how the queen does not respond to queries from the DMN.  One would assume she had learned her lesson by all the bad press the city received due to her devotion to the fictitious issue of promoting, pushing and pimping State HB 562.  Apparently she didn’t! 

   The topic QueenB VD addressed was "Defending Against Radical Islamic Terrorism in Texas."  Wow!  Is QueenB VD loaded down with reams of CIA, NSA and Homeland Security data, unknown to the general public, to be so well informed and self-assured that she has the magical answer or key to save every Texan?  In fact, who needs the CIA, NSA or Homeland Security when Irving has QueenB VD babbling about what to do.  Right?

   As you read the above article and become appalled at all the self-serving quotes of QueenB VD, just remember…this speaking engagement, on her part, was a potential ruse to cow-tow to a splinter group of a national political party.  For example:

BVD: "…asking you as mayor, help me…"  When did the city council move, vote, or agree with the premise that a loyalty oath/pledge/investigation should be implemented for members of any religious institution in our community?  Isn’t this another example of the queen taking a personal stand on an issue, but making it appear as if she is speaking for the entire city and city council?  Will QueenB VD soon ask that: Catholics sign an oath they will again refrain from eating meat on Friday; or Baptist should pledge not dance or drink any alcoholic beverages after crossing over the city limits sign; or investigate any Jewish deli to see if BLT sandwiches are on the menu; or have Sikh men pledge to remove their turbans when entering Costco; or have Episcopalians sign an oath that when four are gathered together, the fifth will be left at home?
   Could one think the help QueenB VD might need is not political, but maybe medical?

BVD:  "…people in my community…"  Well, that’s refreshing to know.  The entire City of Irving now belongs to QueenB VD.  Who knew!
   Perhaps, the only individual quoted in the article, regarding this ridiculous, fear mongering and inane Bozo-show in Austin, was Texas House Speaker Joe Straus when he noted "it is wrong and offensive to single out any group based on its religion."  
   Thanks Joe.  If only QueenB VD and the other low information Texas representatives understood those simple words. 

   Question:  Where does Irving’s State representatives, Rodney "Can We Count The Votes Again" Anderson and Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi, stand on this measure to open an investigation or have folks sign a pledge or loyalty oath?  Are they still standing behind QueenB VD, as they did, when she was pushing their misguided State HB 562 last summer?

   The Good News Is:  QueenB VD will have an honorable and stellar opponent in the upcoming election. 

   Irving voters will have the opportunity to elect an individual who, along with his family, have over the years graciously given back to the community through their involvement in charitable organizations and service on various boards and commissions thereby ensuring all their activities benefitted the community.  In essence, this family has served the community, not taken away or allowed the public to view Irving as a city lacking leadership and direction.

   Without reservations, staff of the CCR will fully endorse David Pfaff as the next Mayor of Irving.  David will return pride to the city.  His agenda will be to do what is best for Irving, not for self-interest or photo op motives as observed over the past six, long years of malaise provided by the queen.  He will be the breath of fresh political rejuvenation and leadership the city needs and deserves!  

   Born and raised in Irving, David graduated from MacArthur HS.  He currently runs his family’s Irving business which also has global implications.  He knows Irving and will work to restore Irving’s agenda of being recognized as a cooperative partner with all those who want to move the city forward.

   The issues facing Irving require a mayor who understands what is needed to put the city’s ship of state back on course.  The mayor must be positive and work to improve the morale of city staff and those who come before the council with valid concerns.  David has the temperament and ability to accomplish this by working with the council as a unified team.  He is not surrounded by cronies, Sugar Daddy donors, or single source developers who are playing the Irving political game for their personal benefit.

  The time is now to rally around the one individual who will put Irving first and end the long nightmare of mismanagement, self-service, self-aggrandizing actions and disservice to the city by QueenB VD.

   Of Note:  The queen’s lengthy babbling session at the chamber’s State of the City address was proof positive of her taking credit for issues which she opposed or attempted to derail during her term as mayor.

   Think Entertainment Center as just one example of her petulant attitude and negative votes against a project which will bring jobs, entertainment and recognition to Irving. 

   The Torofeca QueenB VD spread, during her self-promotion, blathering-chamber speech was in direct contrast and contradicted her previous actions leading up to the center’s proposed dedication in May 2017.

   Yes, dear readers, Change is needed in Irving.  Change will be at hand this election cycle.  Change will begin to remove the stigma of mismanagement and egocentricity citizens have had to endure for six years.

   Change will only be possible by electing David Pfaff as Mayor of Irving.

…………………………………….Mark Holbrook