Sunday, February 26, 2017

CCR 02-26-17 Squeaky Squawks

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Squeaky Squawks"

   Dear readers, it is utterly amazing how State Rep. Matt "Squeaky" Rinaldi has managed to: repair and fix the state’s school funding problems; secure the boarder from terrorist immigration; stop the cartel’s flow of drugs into Texas; provide teachers with the tools and regulations they actually require; curtail spending on projects for special interest groups; make donors to "Dark Money" slush funds public information; and actually listen to what voters are interested in from their elected officials. 

   What?  Are you saying "Squeaky" hasn’t accomplished this in all the years he has been in Austin supposedly representing your interest?

   Well, truth be told, "Squeaky" has been rather busy with other higher priority measures lately.  And his Irving activities continue to create considerable controversy in the city. 

   How could one forget "Squeaky’s" work and insistence, verging on political adoration, that QueenB VD pass a meaningless city council resolution (5-4 vote to approve) in support of the inane State HB 562?  Remember all the negative PR and press this measure, which was later rejected by the entire State House of Representatives, created for Irving?  Yet, "Squeaky," the queen, and his group fabricated facts and believed they had actually "saved" Irving and the Constitution.  Wasn’t this a bit of unbelievable Torofeca on their part?! 

   Of course, one has to also consider "Squeaky’s" tremendous dedication to watching and helping coordinate a new House measure to monitor where Texans pee. 

   One shouldn’t be surprised later on when walking into a Bucky’s® and see "Squeaky" and Lt. Gov. Patrick, along with QueenB VD and other Red Meat TEA-carnivores, holding hands while checking birth certificates for individuals entering restrooms.  Did you elect these bozo’s to commit a majority of their time and effort on this singular, disingenuous issue which is promoted by fear and fact fabrications? 

   Now, "Squeaky" has decided he has a bit of spare time to run Irving’s municipal government.

   With the expected assistance of QueenB VD, Flying Harpies, Crankies and the Red Meat TEA-carnivore Internet rag, Empower Texas, "Squeaky" just had to weigh in on how extremely incompetent, his sole opinion, Irving’s City Secretary and city legal staff are.  The political sin of the city staff is purported to be ignorance of the law and not kowtowing to one of the queen’s avidly avowed acolytes who apparently filed problematic documents to run for office.

   Too reflect just how disingenuous those remarks might be and the extent "Squeaky" will go to promote, push and pimp QueenB VD and other Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophant agendas, the following is from an article recently published by the Internet rag, Empower Texas, which features "Squeaky’s" "legal opinion" on an Irving matter.

Lawmaker Criticizes Irving City Secretary for Violating Election Law
(the actual link to this article will not be printed so as to protect rational CCR readers)

   While it is certainly okay to express an opinion or criticize an action, one would hope the blathering produced by "Squeaky" would, at least, not be to the point of his reflecting fact fabrications of: "…grossly inappropriate for government officials to disregard their duty to uphold the law."  Say what?

   And "Squeaky’s" apparent justification for the City Secretary disregarding state law, in his opinion, was his disingenuous comment:  "…appear to be in direct conflict with actions taken by Irving officials.” Appear to be?  That’s all he has to offer?

   In the same light, staff of the CCR could remark:  "Squeaky" appears to be a state representative."  Really, how much more documentation is necessary to prove or refute this assertion to dear readers of the CCR?  

   The first question which should have been asked of "Squeaky," by the Internet rag in this instance, is: What election law was violated?  

   If an individual is conducting their affairs utilizing existing law to the best of their ability, where is "Squeaky’s" documentation for such a gross assertion?  Is he the judge and jury on how the City Secretary and city legal staff must operate and conduct their assigned duties?  Did his election as a state rep grant hidden and unknown powers?  Or has "Squeaky" spent too much time monitoring and testing, who enters and exits restrooms, as the cause for his Red Meat-synapses to misfire and over inflate his ego?   

   It is also political bullying, on "Squeaky’s" part, to castigate someone and due to the position the person holds they cannot respond to idiotic drivel.    

   While all of the Irving election ballot determinations will be finalized, very quickly hopefully, by judicial competence, dear readers should be highly leery of any pronouncements spouting from Flying Harpies, Crankies and other sycophant followers of QueenB VD and "Squeaky" Rinaldi.  Their edicts and blathering are to push an agenda of continued support for the failed leadership the queen provided during her six year reign in Irving.

   This latest fact fabrication effort is being played to also instill a reminded, to all, the queen is still in Irving and will continue her petulant actions to keep her egocentric agenda in the public eye via surrogates and crony Red Meat rag publishers.

   And dear readers thought the long nightmare of QueenB VDs mismanagement of the city had faded with the rising sun.  If only!

…………………………….Mark Holbrook