Tuesday, February 21, 2017

CCR 02-21-17 Cooking for the Election

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Cooking for the Election"

   Well, dear readers, the table is set and all the politicos are starting to prepare their best dish to serve voters at the May 6, 2017, Irving political cookout.

   While the table fare might be gluttonous with humongous amounts of egocentric rhetoric, be advise the CCRs food tasters have ensured none of the dishes have been spiked with the same levels of disbelief x-QueenBVD had been serving in her prized self-aggrandizing soufflé.

   Without x-QueenBVD in the election mix this time around, city EMT responders are working overtime to attend to all the Flying Harpies, Crankies, Red Meat TEA-carnivores, single source developers and Sugar Daddy donors needing someone to tell them how to think and act without the irrational actions of the x-queen guiding them.

   Even though the election is months away, staff of the CCR will set the table regarding the political cooks for you to consider supporting.  The tsunami of brochures, signs, robo-calls, and other campaign items — creating gastric indigestion during the election banquet — is imminent.

   Actually, this might be a good time to sprinkle a bit of "Dylan’s Leg Hiking Hot Sauce…Hotter than QueenB VD — political Torofeca FREE" on you repast.  The hot sauce will help clear your palate and eliminate the bad and bitter taste left after six years of x-QueenBVDs reign.  If you don’t have any of Dylan’s hot sauce, then his Zagat Paw Ratings on the candidates might be of assistance.

   Here’s the political menu being prepared for voter consideration:


   City Elections
(In alphabetical order)

Elvia Espino:  While there is little track information, available at this time as to the background or prior service to the Irving community for this individual, one factor which has emerged is the candidate seems to be promoted and sponsored by an extremely political active Dallas family.  And if the CCRs street information is factual, does it sound very classy to begin ones campaign with a photo made at city hall sitting in the mayor’s seat noting: Future Mayor of Irving?
   Dylan’s Zagat Paw Ratings say:  🐾

J. C. Gonzalez:  As with the above candidate, little is know regarding this individual’s service and dedication to the community.  Staff of the CCR is not aware of his serving on any boards or commissions in the city.  Perhaps, campaign materials might shed a little light on qualifications which would point toward his being a viable candidate to serve the city.
   Dylan’s Zagat Paw Ratings say:  🐾

David Pfaff: Pfaff is a born and bred Irving resident who, along with his family, has tirelessly worked for the betterment of the community.  He runs a global family business, and this election represents his first venture into a political arena.  While some might think having a lack of political experience is a negative, staff of the CCR recognizes this as being a significant positive for Pfaff.  He is not tied to the cliques and establishment cronies who have assisted in creating an abundance of political self-interest in the city lately.  
   In Pfaff’s case, he is widely experienced in telling folks what is right, or what should be receiving consideration regarding issues — not what they want to hear…just to solicit a vote.  That trait in-itself should be the mantra for all politicos.
   Dylan’s Zagat Paw Ratings say:  🐾🐾🐾

Rick Stopfer:  Stopfer has political name identification from serving on the DART board and previously on the Irving City council.  His stint on the council ended abruptly when the initial developer of the Entertainment Center project tanked and political forces, directed by QueenB VD, elected Tom Spink.  
   Dylan’s Zagat Paw Ratings say:  🐾🐾

Place 3

Dennis Webb:  Unopposed
   Dylan’s Zagat Paw Ratings say:  🐾🐾🐾

Place 5

Abdel Elhassan:  Currently, staff of the CCR has no information regarding this candidate.  From outward appearances, he could be a candidate spurred by all the inflammatory rhetoric and fabricated facts spewed by x-QueenBVD during her reign and Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking engagements.  His candidacy could be an attempt and effort to clarify the many falsehoods perpetrated by the x-queen.  When background information is available, it will be published in a future report.
   Dylan’s Zagat Paw Ratings say:  🐾

Oscar Ward:  Ward currently serves as the council member for this district.  His allegiance to following x-queenly dictates has slowly dissolved (to her petulant chagrin) and his concern for doing what was in the best interest of the city has emerged.  Being on the right track and with no future interference from the x-queen, he will, hopefully, be in a position to utilize his council knowledge during this critical time when the city needs to recover from the lack of mayoral leadership recently experienced.
   Dylan’s Zagat Paw Ratings say:  🐾🐾

Early voting for the city election will be: April 25 - 30 and May 1 - 3.

     There will be much to consider regarding the candidates before the election.  While most voters will have to decide which menu item to select, the task shouldn’t be too difficult.  And if Dylan’s Zagat Paw Ratings are considered, then the task could be even easier.

   The real dilemma will be for Flying Harpies, Crankies, etc. in the mayoral race to see if they revert to supporting a candidate they violently opposed with all sorts of political garbage, "Dark Money" brochures, and FaceBook rubbish.  One can only hope they have seen the light of what their actions have done to the city and what could be done with new and fresh leadership. 
   This early preview is provided to start the ball rolling with the intent Irving voters will actually consider the importance of this election.  The time to right the city’s ship of state and do what citizens request and need for positive change is at hand.

   Second helpings of the political menu will be provided in later reports.

……………………………..Mark Holbrook

NOTE:  There is also an IISD school board election which will be held on May 6th.  Details of the one contested race will be covered in another report.