Saturday, March 18, 2017

CCR 03-18-17 Beer, Pup-Peroni® and Blue Bell

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Beer, Pup-Perroni® and Blue Bell"

   Well, dear readers, we now have a bit of time for the CCR staff (Dylan Westie, Mark Holbrook and Mike Howard) to take a genuine Spring Break  Sabbatical.  Several factors have indicated this might be the best time for this Rumspringa before the current mayoral race reaches the critical Torofeca-zone of Flying Harpies and Crankies devastating ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

   With QueenB VD apparently devoting all of her day light and evening hours to conducting Hollywood-ish photo op sessions — at any meeting where ‘rubber’ chicken is on the menu for Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophants — time is available to put the MacBook Pro in Sleep mode for a short spell (probably a week or so) to refreshen the political synapses. 
   (Side Note: During this time, the queen might have to request additional FaceBook space from Mark Zuckerberg due to the inordinately "huge" number of self-aggrandizing pics recently posted…even before she is ushered off her throne May 6.) 

   Back to the point of the report.  

   While the CCR staff will constantly be monitoring events in ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ don’t expect the usual deluge of wordsmithing which might provide a different insight than the Torofeca some politicos could be spreading…especially by the queen’s avidly avowed acolyte-candidate for mayor…Pená and her flock of Flying Harpies and scrum of Crankies. 

   With two of the CCR staff members skating across the three-quarters-of-a-Century mark, a bit of time is being rescheduled to address a few family, business, recreational, and canine issues which have rested on the back burner for the past couple years.  

   However, all of this will not preclude sporadic tweets from Dylan, or possibly a pointed reminder from Mark Holbrook regarding how great the city’s relief will be when the mayor’s office is refurnished, carpets cleaned and the room air freshened and sanitized to remove all vestiges and political detritus of QueenB VDs WIMP-reign.
   (For the memory impaired: WIMP is Worst Irving Mayor Period.)  

   And if you need another reminder, as to just how all this will be accomplished, then hitch your voting horses to the Rick Stopfer for Mayor wagon train.  Rick’s wagon is pointing toward bringing Irving together, doing what is best for the city, and flushing out all the divisiveness and egocentricity which permeated the mayor’s office under QueenB VD. 

   Stay tuned.  Stay informed.  And stay away from Flying Harpies and Crankies…they are venomous and unhinged. 

   Finally, need any Sprinkles® on that Blue Bell?  What about a large splash of Heath® hard shell chocolate topping? 

…………………………………………….Mike Howard 

Note:  Spring Break  Sabbatical kudos to the several hundred folks who receive each report by e-mail and the 5,451 page viewers of the CCR blog last month.  Blog page views range from 150 - 220/day.  Good folks like you are an integral part in helping keep a close eye on local political shenanigans.  And Dylan is gaining on hitting tweet number 1,500…wolf.
   Hearing from many of you makes the effort of all this worthwhile.  Questions, comments, concerns, or a heads up on an issue…e-mail, don’t call.  We’ll respond as soon as possible.  Thanks!

Finally:  Dylan just had to share the info about his pic being featured on the NBCDFW Ch 5 "Bluebonnets in Bloom" report on March 15.  You’ll note "doggie kissing" bluebonnets is one of his hidden talents!