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CCR 04-01-17 Fools Personified

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Fools Personified"

   Well, dear readers, the Rumspringa for staff of the CCR has come to an end and we already miss the comforts of the La-Z-Boy.  Simply stated, we’re back!

   While continuing our regimen of "More Motion — Less La-Z-Boy," it appears very little was missed concerning happenings in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’  the past two weeks. 

   Perhaps, the best summary of political activity might read: the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies has her flock in an egregious personal attack mode, while the Crankies Chump has her scrum of sycophants attempting to portray candidate Penã as Irving’s new Mother Teresa who could bless the city with wisdom, insight and community servitude never before witnessed in the annals of local government. 1 Really?
   (Is a sweetheart rental deal with the city ample qualifications to serve as mayor?)

   And this positioning by these factions gives credence to the groups possibly using: #AlternativeTruths and #ChosenByQueenBVD as their rallying cries.  One could envision these folks making chicken salad without even having any actual chicken in the recipe.

   Added to this mix of pompous promoters is council sock puppet and Chief Pet Rock for QueenB VD, Brad LaMorgese, who apparently is playing a co-chair role in the Penã mayoral election effort, for Flying Harpies and Crankies, by setting up a meet and greet session in far north Irving.  
   (So much for sitting council members taking an active role in campaigns other than their own.) 

   While many are concentrating on the upcoming mayoral election, eyes are currently being diverted from the final days of QueenB VDs WIMP-reign.  And this could cause some severe problems down the road for the new mayor…which will, hopefully, be Rick Stopfer.

   QueenB VD is in a Final Queenly Proclamation frenzy attempting to accomplish what she couldn’t do with full consent of the  council…for obvious reasons.  Here are just a few of the proclamation she will implement on April 1…prior to her being dethroned on May 6:

Final Queenly Edicts  Proclamations
  • The Texas Stadium site will only be designated as being utilized for a tennis pavilion.
  • Irving will be classified as a sanctuary city for all Red Meat TEA-carnivores. 
  • Cronies, Sugar Daddy handlers and single source developers will have life-time positions on all city boards and commissions.
  • All homemade clocks must have the queen’s Seal of Approval for use in high school classrooms.
  • Gun toting BAIR Froot Loops® will have permission to prance around any and all non-Christian religious sites in Irving.
  • Glenn "Bloated Bloviator" Beck will be named an Irving High Spirited Citizen.
  • Texas Rebel Knights of the KKK will be granted lifetime discounts on Tide® detergent to laundry their sheets for Irving events.
  • The city’s web site will be removed and replaced, by the KIA FaceBook account, for all city and political misinformation.
  • The entire ground floor of the city’s new historical museum will include a gallery of all the queen’s photo ops with a theatre which will continuously show her YouTube videos of blathering to Red Meat TEA-carnivore groups.
  • The queen’s personal FaceBook postings will be published in book form, with a ‘red binder cover,’ and all citizens will be required to carry these missals at all times.
  • Believing NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), in politicos, is hokey, the queen will eliminate all research funding seeking a cure.
  • Empower Texans will be the official news media for all city events, mayoral pronouncements and fluffy pieces on the queen’s future bureaucratic activities.
  • Tarn-X® will be the designated product to polish the queen’s tarnished image after being booted off her throne.
  • The city property owned at 408 W. 6th  St. will formally be dedicated as a Home for the Politically Ineffective where the queen will reside in retirement. 
  • Contributors to Irving’s "Dark Money" political slush fund will be granted immunity from any future prosecutions.

   What makes all of these queenly edicts  proclamations scary is QueenB VD, with her sycophant followers, is attempting to ensure her avidly avowed acolyte, Penã, is placed on the throne to continue the mismanagement of the city characterized by the actions the queen inflicted on residents for the past six years. 

   And the fact QueenB VD is going to work (her first real job in years?) for the Trump administration (possibly HUD) doesn’t bode well for the country or our area.

   One can only wonder how much her positioning in the Trump administration might have cost her Sugar Daddy handlers over the past years.  
   (Note:  In politics, it’s not only about who you know, but how much you give.  Just ask any individual who might have been appointed to an ambassadors position following a presidential election.)

   The following link is the ‘almost’ announcement of QueenB VD hoping to become a bumbling bureaucrat:

   Perhaps, the question, in the case of the above article, should be: When has QueenB VD ever expressed "an interest in helping the federal government navigate urban affairs?"  Certainly, this was not evident in any of her actions while on the throne in Irving.  
   (The reality could be she actually required a MAPSCO to find ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ in the non-urban, southern section of the city during her reign. ) 
   On the contrary, QueenB VD has always attempted to navigate and express an interest in her Irving affairs as related to achieving personal self-aggrandizing goals and agendas…mainly, a higher political office.  Everything else was secondary, or not even on her priority list. 

   One should hope QueenB VD survives the long downward slide on the political ladder from being the self-anointed queen of Irving to being a new low level bureaucrat.  Does the experience of living in a gated community in far north Irving bode well for her to understand affordable housing and financing for average income individuals?

   Actually, the queen’s job with HUD might have a unique Yin/Yang perspective.  How will a new brainless bureaucrat be able to cope with a former brain surgeon boss?  

   And this gives one pause and wonder: #AreQueensEvenVetted  for governmental employment?

 ……………………................……..Mark Holbrook

    1 Akin to QueenB VDs anti-ARK Entertainment Center votes, Penã also has opposed the project all the way back to 2013.  How can someone running for mayor claim to be for Irving and know what citizens desire be responsible for running the city with this mindset?  
   Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media troll for the CCR, alerted folks to this tidbit of political info to ensure voters had facts instead of the political rubbish contained in any ads and mailers they might receive from the Penã campaign.  

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Mar 30

Like QueenB VDs anti-ARK entertainment center votes, Penã has registered opposition to the project as far back as 2013. Working for Irving? Hardly!