Friday, April 21, 2017

CCR 04-21-17 Read and Repeat

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Read and Repeat"

   Well, dear readers, the League of Women Voters forum is over and the results are in.  Mayoral candidate Penã can read, with a smattering of  faux drama, the scripted talking points provided to her by the flock of Flying Harpies and sycophant lot of Crankies running her campaign.

   And sadly, this may be the only actual qualification she might have while running for mayor.  
   (Note to Penã’s Script Writers: A bit of substance and factual information could go a long way to documenting unsubstantiated facts fabrication in potential mailings, newspaper ads, and FaceBook postings.) 

   Watching someone, at the LWV forum, pretending to be a viable mayoral candidate was almost comical .  If the seriousness of needing a capable and qualified mayor wasn’t critical to place ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ back on track — after the disastrous six year reign of QueenB VD — it would have been humorous.
   (Speaking of the queen, where is the announcement of her bumbling bureaucrat position with HUD?  Is her potential brain surgeon boss still working on implanting ‘team player’ stem cells in her gray matter?)

    Penã’s script writers (who also write diatribes for various FaceBook posters to submit) were less than original when using a line from a Trump stump speech in her opening remarks.  Stating "I am you" certainly cleared the air and let voters know she wasn’t a political alien…she just acts and sounds like one.
   (Will the Penã script-writing folks ever learn service on the city council is supposed to be non-partisan and not an extension of QueenB VDs Red Meat TEA-carnivore fear mongering blather?)

    And for this mayoral candidate to state unequivocally that Irving is Culturally United must mean she has had a serious lapse of cognitive recall.  

   Has Penã, who supported, posted and browbeat fellow citizens for QueenB VD all over FaceBook, already forgotten the gun toting Froot Loops® and Texas Rebel Knights of the KKK prancing around a religious institution in Irving?  And voters should also recall how Penã, following the queen’s lead, was adamantly opposed to the Entertainment Center as proposed by ARK. 
   As an avidly avowed acolyte of QueenB VD, Penã has not outrightly dismissed the fear mongering, hate and discontent which the queen spread with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering and babbling speeches to sycophants?  Why is that?

   Of course, being a created puppet of Flying Harpies and Crankies, who pushed, promoted and pimped all the queen did, does little to instill rational thinking, qualifications, or responsibility in a candidate.  And for Penã and her sycophant followers, all of this becomes the classic case of when a candidate cannot defend or factually document prior actions or activities it’s very easy to change the subject, shoot the messenger, or cry foul.

   Ranking the candidates based on leadership skills, prior community service, ability to know and understand the requirements of being mayor of Irving would find Penã ranking fourth on the list of four candidates running.
   (Even newbie to the scene, Juan Gonzalez, has a clearer and more distinct message than Penã.  A little service on a city commission by him would go a long way to improve his ability to seek and gain political office.  One could also question what the agenda for Elvia Espino might be with the sizable bulk of all her campaign contributions coming from outside Irving.)

   Clearly, the agenda of the Flying Harpies and Crankies is not the betterment of the city, but rather a self-aggrandizing agenda of self-service for the benefit of a small group of discontents.

   And the discontent of these individuals is toxic to the community as viewed in the political ads and assorted trash posted on FaceBook.

   Never has a group created such a horrendous image of Irving as has the Flying Harpies and Crankies.  And  the genesis of this divisiveness can all be traced back to QueenB VDs reign.

  Returning Stability to Irving

   While this may appear to be redundant, staff of the CCR would once again remind dear readers Irving cannot return to a position of moving forward unless Rick Stopfer is elected mayor.

   There can be no denying his prior service, leadership ability and personable skills which have clearly demonstrated he is not only qualified for the position, but he will be a change agent to return the city to a leadership role in the metroplex.  

   Rick Stopfer’s agenda is for the betterment of the city and not for any narrow minded political ideology or self-interest purpose.

   Once again, for all this to happen, voters will have to go to the polls to vote for Rick Stopfer, and also inform your friends and neighbors to do the same.  Election day is May 6.

   The time is now to sweep the mismanagement, Sugar Daddy contributors and crony special interest of the past six years, perpetrated by QueenB VD, back into the Red Meat TEA-carnivore swamp from which it emerged.

…………………………………………….Mark Holbrook