Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CCR 04-12-17 Can't Buy Experience

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Can’t Buy Experience"

   Is it possible for money to buy experience, community involvement, or the ability to be mayor of ‘beautiful downtown Irving?’

   Well, dear readers, we’ll see if the Penã mayoral campaign can spend their way to success. 

   The campaign contributions, only those which have been reported so far on the first filing for candidate Penã, are somewhat limited.  It appears a game plan is being staged to "go all in" for QueenB VDs avidly avowed acolyte.  
   (Was this candidate the queen’s first choice to replace her?)  

   Isn’t it utterly amazing how campaign spin and facts fabrication will soon go viral around the city to promote what appears to be a truly false narrative of experience and ability. 

   As expected, Flying Harpies and Crankies are leading the charge on FaceBook.  There is also an opening of pocket books to plaster and pay for a disjointed and unclear message, of actual candidate qualifications, throughout the city.  Also helping to spread this imaginative message is sock puppet and Chief Pet Rock, for QueenB VD, LaMorgese who is catering to north Irving residents.

   Actually, the "chosen" candidate, of QueenB VDs sycophants, hasn’t fared well at candidate forums while reading scripted talking points and having a lack of understanding on issues presented.  Seriously, pablum and flowery non-specific-action verbiage do not make a candidate qualified to be mayor.

   However, campaign money will be utilized to spread a false narrative which might attempt to polish a highly limited image of leadership ability…even polish better than utilizing QueenB VDs ample supply of Tarn-X ® image makeover. 

Follow the Money & Players
   Following is detail reported for campaign contributions reflecting only $500 or more which are noted on Penã’s first campaign finance report:
   Jacqualea Cooley, $1,500 (total); Debbi Debrick, $500; Scott Hardesty, $500; Lynda Smith, $500.  Total contributions were $4,123.13 for this period.
   Additionally, In-Kind contributions include: Jacqualea Cooley, $228 web cost; and Bobbie Randle, $2,021.26 (total) for newspaper advertising.  
   (For full disclosure: The Rambler newspaper identifies one of the owners as Marvin Randle.)
   It should also be noted that Bobbie Randle has provided a $5,000 campaign Loan to the Penã campaign.

   What remains to be seen is how much QueenB VD will pour into the Penã campaign with bucks left in her campaign slush fund.  
   (An interesting side note on the queen’s fund is that as of January 17, 2017, there is still of total of $30,000 in Loans which have not been repaid.)

   And this initial Penã campaign finance report only confirms what many individuals have already noted:  large amounts of money will be spent to gloss over a total lack of experience, community involvement and the ability to run the city of Irving by a neophyte with little background or demonstrated leadership ability.

   As staff of the CCR has already noted in previous reports, Irving requires proven and experienced leadership at this time to bring the city together after QueenB VD so deeply divided it with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore blathering and ramblings.  Irving is not a city which should be portrayed in the media as a haven for gun toting BAIR Froot Loops®, or Rebel Knights of the KKK prancing around religious institutions.

   The Penã campaign, if successful, would be a three year continuation of what Irving needs to move away from…self-interest agendas, partisan politics, and special interest cronies.
And Now for Something Completely Necessary  
   The only 2017 mayoral candidate who can accomplish the task of moving Irving forward at this critical time is Rick Stopfer

   When one reviews the list of accomplishments and achievements related to his serving the citizens of Irving, Rick Stopfer does not need to fluff his resumé.  The boards, commissions and charitable activities noted represent experienced leadership, concern for the betterment of the community, and a desire to ensure all voices are heard, respected, and action taken to move the city forward in a positive manner.

   Rick’s positive nature is also evident in that he doesn’t have sycophant followers posting and spewing venom and misinformation on local social media accounts.  His campaign is as positive as is his ability to ensure Irving can recover from the previous six years experienced under the current mayor.

   In order to achieve a better Irving, dear readers, you and your friends and associates need to be informed, take an active role in the election process, and spread the word.

   The time is now.  The task is yours.  Irving can only be as good as the leaders who will represent the best interest of the city and not special interest cronies.

   And this time around, the only individual who is qualified and can accomplish all this is Rick Stopfer.

……………………………………Mark Holbrook