Monday, April 24, 2017

CCR 04-24-17 The Parsing Game

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"The Parsing Game"

   Okay, dear readers, let’s play the political game on every voting citizen’s mind this month…The Parsing Game.

   And the best place to start the game is with The Rambler political ad "paid for" (snicker) by an informed (snicker) "citizen" who took the time to write (snicker) all the rubbish contained in the fact fabricated ad for mayoral candidate Penã.  Can you say "masking" writing and campaign fund spending?

   The scripted ad (composed by a Flying Harpy/Crankie) has the following political morsels (detailed in bold print) which require clarification or clearer delineation (read: parsing) by mayoral candidate Penã.

   Ready?  Let’s play The Parsing Game and expose the load of Torofeca contained in some of the ads fabricated facts.

"Vote for new blood…"
Parsed:  Penã voters would have more success casting their ballot for those seriously in need of new blood by opting for Carter Blood Care.  The city has had too many transfusions of Type-D (Divisive) blood with QueenB VD the past six years and would grow terribly anemic if subjected to three years of transfusions of Penã blood.

"…who wants to help grow our downtown business with new ideas."
Parsed:  Would these "new ideas" include being current with her rental payments to the city?  Where is the list noting what these "new ideals" would encompass?  Where are the details?

"…issues that Irving faces daily: water, taxes, sanitation for ALL Irving."
Parsed:  Did you miss the memo relating some residents of Irving have been denied water, or have been using Porta Potties?  Of course, there is no mention of how these "problems" will be resolved…should they even exist.  Where are the details?

"…will make sure we retain all our businesses…"
Parsed:  As the avidly avowed acolyte of QueenB VD, would Penã’s record surpass the queen’s losses, by the city, during her reign?  Would the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament return?  Will the Cowboys grow weary of Arlington traffic and move back to Irving?  Or will mega bucks be allowed to continuously flow to the low attendance of professional tennis matches?  Where are the details?

"Remember the past and reflect on why you should not vote for ‘experience.’"
Parsed:  By placing "experience" in quotation marks, in the ad, clearly demonstrates Penã and her sycophants recognize she does not have the background or experience to be Irving’s mayor.  Otherwise, if experience doesn’t matter would you seek Quik Lube for a brain surgery operation?  Maybe Quik Lube is where all her supporters go for their MediCare treatments.  This sure would explain a lot about their sycophantic actions.  Where are the details?

"…votes against a new ethics charter…"
Parsed:  Another QueenB VD nonsensical item which barely passed due to the fact Pet Rocks had to vote in favor of the measure or incur the queen’s petulance and wrath.  Previous CCR reports have noted how the queen voted at least three times, after passing her revised ethics ordinance, for a crony with a known conflict of interest to receive tax buck funding for a personal property project.

"…voted against a forensic audit every time."
Parsed:  Here we go again!  This item is from QueenB VDs swamp of discontent and was part and parcel of her adamant opposition to the Entertainment Center…all the way from its inception.  Even when ARK was later approved by the council, the queen and Penã were adamantly opposed to the development as reflected in city council minutes!  And this is how to spur economic development in the city by voting against measures the public wants and approves?  Maybe forensic audits should be considered for all aspects of the Penã campaign.  Wouldn’t time be better spent determining what possible levels of "masking" are being conducted by the Penã campaign for wordsmithing and campaign fund spending?
   (Speaking of QueenB VD:  In a Dallas Morning News article,1) Penã was noted as wanting to continue all the good the mayor had done for the city.  Really?  Do the citizens really deserve three years of another "national lightening rod," or "controversial mayor?"  Does Penã’s memory still lapse on gun toting Froot Loops® and Texas Rebel Knights of the KKK prancing around a religious institution in Irving?)
   DMN, 04-24-17:  "Pena, 41, said she wants Irving to continue moving in the same direction as it was under Van Duyne."

   While there are many more grandiose, unsubstantiated, and blatant fact fabrications in The Rambler ad, one can imagine how The Parsing Game could soon becomes comical.  And unlike the script writing Flying Harpies or Crankies, who amassed this collection of diestrus and rubbish to prop up an unqualified candidate for mayor, comical relief is just not needed in this mayoral election.

   Note: The pet Macaw parrot, Phoenix, of the CCR staff has refused, for three days, to leave droppings on The Rambler ad which is lining his cage bottom.  
   Not only can Phoenix talk, but he also demands sanitary conditions in his cage for his feathery avian functions.
   Voters should take a hint from Phoenix.  Place the foul Penã Rambler ad, for an unqualified mayoral candidate, in the incineration bin.  

   The city’s landfill shouldn’t have such toxic and divisive ad material dumped along with good trash!

…………………………………….Mark Holbrook

1)  The link for the DMN article: