Sunday, April 24, 2011

BS #24: Is Goliath Vulnerable?

BlogSpasm #24...April 24, 2011

If there is one thing that the staff of the CCR admires, it is when a political unknown enters a city-wide race with fresh ideas, no ties to special interest groups and attempts to unseat a well-funded incumbent with a spotty record.

Praise the underdog!

However, being an underdog has many disadvantages. Not only is name recognition usually lacking, but funds will be difficult to secure unless the individual is independently wealthy.

District 5 in the upcoming Irving city council election features such a race. This race is the classic David vs. Goliath. Political unknown Julie Grant (David) is facing off against entrenched incumbent Rose Cannaday (Goliath).

Looking objectively (as much as the CCR can ever do) at the race, the following is noted:

    • Money: Cannaday = tons of bucks from special interest groups, developers with financial benefit to gain and individuals associated with Billy Bob and the Entertainment Center project. Grant = modest amounts from “little people” and supportive friends.
    • Support: Cannaday = paid firemen putting out signs, walking neighborhoods and electioneering. Grant = volunteers handing out brochures and contacting friends and neighbors.
    • Impact: Cannaday = use of incumbent status to draw from a circle of individuals who rarely know or understand what is actually happening in the city. Good ol’ boy social networking at its base. Grant = relying on friends, neighbors and supporters to assist in developing name recognition to spread the word.

While we know the outcome of the classic David and Goliath tale, voters will have to wait until May 14th to determine if the rocks accumulated in Grant’s sling were enough to slay the beast. The one thing voters do know is that Grant‘s rocks in this political battle were not funded by those who stand to benefit or gain if she topples the incumbent giant.

…………………...Mark Holbrook