Monday, April 25, 2011

ZAP! #49: Dr. Jekyll's Pride and Joy

ZAP! #49...April 26, 2011

When we last trod on the VanDuyne (a.k.a. Trojan Barbie) mayoral-campaign trail of misinformation, the question left unanswered was: Does she really believe all of the rhetoric that the pricey consultants have written for her campaign materials? (The only thing worse would be if she wrote all these items.)

Apparently, to be a high priced consultant for a politico only requires that the consultant be able to string nice sounding words together. Add a couple glamor shots to a brochure replete with political spin that makes your opponent look like roadkill and voters will soon believe you are the second coming of Abe Lincoln.

Otherwise, how do you explain the real candidate (VanDuyne) actually being 180° from the fictional candidate the consultants have created in her campaign materials?

Perhaps, the consultant never met VanDuyne. Otherwise, he would recognize what many Irving voters have seen while she was on the council from 2004 to 2010. He are just a few of the glaring realities that VanDuyne’s highly paid consultants might have missed:

    • Appointed as a council liaison to a city board, but didn’t attended the board meetings. (Now, that’s dedication.)
    • Often met privately with the city manager to air complaints regarding city employees. (Underlings should always know their position she believes.)
    • Used “talking points” provided by supporters to challenge city staff or fellow council members, especially if TV cameras were rolling. (It’s all about garnering publicity and inflating the ego.)
    • Was nominated for the 2010 Political Demagogue of the Year by city staff and fellow council members. (This soon-to-be-established award is not reflected on her fluffy resume.)
    • Submitted a second batch of flaky documentation for travel reimbursements for purported expenses during her entire tenure on the council. (A pricey campaign needs all the money it can scrounge or hustle.)
    • Wants to eliminate “petty politics” within the council, but once commented (ref. 11-9-09 CCR) on running for office against the mayor: “I’m going after the fat man.” (Would mandatory sensitivity training assist her in overcoming this bigotry?)
    • Prone to issue verbal digs at cohorts during meetings on off-topic matters. (Again with the sensitivity.)

The picture should be fairly clear by now. The VanDuyne campaign is a highly expensive (bought and paid for by north Irving money changers), and a glossy misrepresentation of what the candidate is, has done and promises to be. Look, just show us one leopard that has ever changed their spots and we might think differently.

Finally, there is one question that VanDuyne seems to avoid. Not that the staff of the CCR cares, but several of our lady readers have inquiring minds and wonder what her current marital status might be.

Perhaps, she will quash any rumors by just leveling with folks regarding this issue and state if she is: Married, Single, Divorced, or Separated.

Regardless of her marital status, it could only add to the picture of VanDuyne not actually being what she professes to be in slick PR pieces and mailings. The reality of the situation is as if Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde have created an experimental sister that is running for mayor of Irving.

....................Mark Holbrook