Saturday, April 23, 2011

ZAP! #48: Campaigning on Fiction

ZAP! #48...April 22, 2011


The following Public Service announcement is brought to you by ANOTHER mayoral candidate that has been bought and paid for...Beth VanDuyne (a.k.a. Trojan Barbie).

Previous ZAP! and CCR reports have noted how the Gears campaign has been bought and paid for by the Entertainment Center folks (Billy Bob, etc.) Not to be outdone, VanDuyne has locked up the other half of the north Irving piggy bank of available bucks (Simon, Ellis, etc.).

Refer to “ZAP! #47: For Sale...real cheap” on the CCRs blog located at:

VanDuyne’s north Irving money connections have a lot in common with Gears’ donors...they also want to own the mayor to promote and push their specific agendas. The north Irving promoters not only want the glitz and glamor of their area, they also want the power and control that goes with owning the mayor.

While the staff of the CCR is not sure, it seems that the primary agenda of the north Irving money changers has little in common with south Irving, or the city as a whole.

Even if VanDuyne wasn’t bought and paid for, the nagging question that voters should ask is: How is VanDuyne going to fix any problems at city hall when she was part and parcel of creating many of them in the first place. Remember the period of time 2004 - 2010?

For those with severe PADD (Political Attention Deficit Disorder) here are just a few of the political legacies from her prior service on the council that denote extremely poor leadership abilities:

    • Was a clone and student of Sue Richardson during the city’s trauma of the “Say No to Everything” period.
    • Was responsible for approving the salary and increases (except his last one) for the city manager whose salary is greater than the president of the United States.
    • Demands a “forensic audit” of all city expenditures when she didn’t even submit personal travel documents ($5,000 worth that was undated, or unverified to purpose, etc. for the entire period 2004 - 2010) until she stepped down from the council.
    • Her personal political-baggage is ladened with animosity toward current members of the council and she portends to want to cease “petty politics” on the council? (Please!)
    • Voted for the bonded indebtedness that currently strangles the city coffers and is presently using this as a campaign brochure subterfuge to pander to voters.
    • Approved thousands of tax dollars for the Las Colinas Association to erect a statue of Ben Carpenter.
    • Voted for many of the restrictive ordinances that hamper small businesses in the city. (Dumpster enclosures, poll signs, increased landscaping, etc.)
    • Supported the McDougal redevelopment fiasco during her tenure until she decided to vacate her council seat, then she shifted positions for future campaign purposes. (How convenient.)

Correct us if we are wrong, but the staff of the CCR doesn’t believe that voters really want a return to this type of political service. Frankly, Irving deserves better! Irving deserves honesty, integrity and values that reflect strong moral character.

The staff of the CCR likes to keep these reports short, so we will end on this note: Stay tuned for ZAP! #49 when we detail many additional items that VanDuyne wishes would stay out of the political area as she slickly weaves her tale of misinformation.

...............Mark Holbrook