Monday, April 25, 2011

BS #25: Mute Money

BlogSpasm #25...April 25, 2011

The following item is lifted from the Dallas MorningNews (04-24-11) and reflects one of the major concerns that is on the minds of voters in the Irving mayor’s race...the Entertainment Center:

The planned construction of the entertainment center in Las Colinas has become one of the biggest issues in the mayor’s race, some residents say. The city of Irving plans to fund $200 million of the project’s construction and development costs.

The center will include restaurants and clubs run by a development company and Billy Bob Barnett, who created Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth and Cat’s Meow in New Orleans.

“We don’t have the money for that,” Ewing said. “Just drop it completely. The city doesn’t need to be involved in that type of business.”

There is only one question that could be asked: Why isn’t incumbent mayor Gears addressing and discussing this issue in his campaign instead of spending thousands upon thousands of Billy Bob Bucks on the false, undocumented, fabricated, sleazy, character assassination drivel of calling Joe Putnam a “slumlord lawyer?” Voters want answers...not untruthful rhetoric!

It is almost as if all the money donated to the Gears campaign by Bill Bob and the Las Colinas Group shills, and their significant donations to the firemen’s PAC have a non-discussion clause attached to the donations.

Staff of the CCR used to think that “money talked,” but when it comes to the Entertainment Center folks attempting to buy an election ...the bucks have gone mute!

………….Mark Holbrook