Sunday, June 26, 2011

BS #34: Hot Air Problem Solving?

BlogSpasm #34...June 26, 2011

The following is from an article in the Dallas Morning News (6-26-11).

Council member Joe Philipp said that he has high expectations for the new mayor and is confident she’ll be effective. He said they had already met to discuss their goals.

The staff of the CCR genuinely hopes that one of the goals discussed or mentioned was that Philipp would not feel compelled to discuss -- in his wishy-washy, both-sides-of-the-fence, extremely verbose utterances -- EVERY item on the council agenda before voting.

The voter’s message this last election was to stop talking about the problems associated with the voodoo financed $250 million Entertainment Center, McDougalville, tax and fee increases and start doing something about them.

It seems the only way to get Councilman Philipp’s attention on these matters is to either step in front of him when the TV camera is rolling, or start talking if he eventually pauses to catch his breath.

………...Mark Holbrook

A reader sez:

"You are absolutely 'right on' with this comment. Bravo again! I have a little lizard in my back yard that can't change colors as fast as Joe!" Anonymous

We Say: Can your lizard also do the voting flip/flop? Mark Holbrook

A reader sez: "

He needs a 'Pope's Hat' to properly enhance his presence above the little people whom he continues to 'educate.'" Anonymous

We Say: The hat might allow folks to better understand his shifting positions as he speaks in tongues. Mark Holbrook

A reader sez: Amen! Anonymous

We Say: If you start praying and he is wearing a Pope's hat, the separation of church and state is violated! Mark Holbrook