Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BS #60: Double Clutching

BlogSpasm #60
     The saga of the Whale Rider* (Linda Harper-Brown) seems to be a never ending tale.  Even though state representative  Harper-Brown has exceeded all expectations of the Peter Principle, she continues to be the guiding light and poster child for money grubbing politicians.

     After nearly two years, the Texas Ethics Commission finally rendered a finding in the complaint filed against her for zipping around town in her E550 Mercedes-Benz...given to her by one of her hubby’s clients.  (Hubby’s client had business -- red-light cameras -- before the state legislature which she assisted in passing...humm.)  Sadly, the penalty for this apparently grievous and underhanded form of political deceit was only a $2,000 fine.  As the DMN reported (see below link), this slap on the wrist for getting caught with her hand in the political cookie jar hardly fit the misdeed...or passed the smell test. 

     One can only imagine any number of state PACs -- that have their strings tied to her voting arm -- standing in line to bail her out of this self-created financial sham of campaign expenditure reporting.  It seems that the weasel words she shifted to in her official statements to the commission just couldn’t get her out of neutral.  That’s okay, since she is still driving her Benz equipped with a $100,000 loan-free chassis and $150,000 PAC-injected engine around town.

     Representing Irving as one of the best politicians money can buy, Harper-Brown is gearing up for another campaign.  Once again, she will spread her PAC/Special Interest Group/sugar daddy bucks around town to groups and organizations to curry favor and votes.  Blindly, the groups and organizations receiving these tainted bucks will just swoon over her ‘dedication and commitment’ to Irving.  Really?  Bet no member of any group or organization could describe a piece of legislation that Harper-Brown initiated specifically for Irving’s benefit.  That’s right...there isn’t any!  She tags on to the efforts of others and then lays claim as being responsible for anything that sounds good.

     For those interested in previous reports and links to documentation regarding Harper-Brown’s prior political antics, visit the CCRs blog archives. ( http://controversialcommittee.blogspot.com/ )  

     Certainly, the upcoming November election will only increase the volume of Whale Rider reports as she tools around town in the vehicle ‘little people’ she supposedly represents could hardly afford to own.
……………………….Mark Holbrook
*Whale Rider:  For newer readers, “The Whale Rider” is an actual movie about a young Maori girl who becomes the leader of her people after riding a whale.  Harper-Brown is a whale rider in that she rides the ‘whales’ (large campaign donors) to collect excessive amounts of  money from Special Interest Groups, PACs and sugar daddies.  Her ability to amass obscene amounts of money is only exceeded by ex-mayor Gears who holds the Irving record for campaign collection abuse.
DMN article regarding TEC findings: