Thursday, September 20, 2012

ZAP! #100: Rating Performance

ZAP! #100
DMN, 09-20-12
The Flower Mound Town Council has called a special meeting for 3 p.m. Saturday to discuss the employment status of Town Manager Harlan Jefferson and to consider appointing an interim Town Manager.
The announcement comes after rumors surfaced this week that Jefferson’s job was on the line.
Town officials have said little, but an email circulating among residents states that Jefferson would be fired at a special meeting and that the housecleaning may extend to other top officials in town.
Jefferson has been Town Manager since 2006. His current contract runs through Oct. 15, 2015.
     Apparently, there is a city council in the area that seems to be paying attention to what their city manager does.  Of course, we assume that the above article relates to the city manager’s performance, or lack thereof.
     The article is rather scant in details.  Do you wonder if the Flower Mound city manager was employed by the city of Irving and had the following ‘achievements,’ he would be in the precarious position of possibly being terminated?  What if the Flower Mound city manager:

  • Was a member of Irving’s Lubbock Mafia in cahoots with the local chamber of commerce president for a $1.6 million “consulting” contract?
  • Participated in a McDougalville development debacle that ended up costing city tax payers $57 million?
  • Responsible for over $4 million in Entertainment Center expenses approved by “unnamed city employees?”
  • Received tickets to sporting events from a city contractor via a local community agitator?
  • Provided a $161,000 salary for an unadvertised or documented grant writing position to the ex-fire chief immediately after he resigned?
  • Had a suspiciously flaky BlackBerry that sometimes deleted important city correspondence?
  • Had $3 million funding for a proposed new library disappear, but suddenly appear at the next meeting without identifying the funding source?
  • Utilized 6-Sigma as a tool to bury budget items for “pet” projects?
  • Believed that employees who were not willing to be on the front line ‘catching’ spears of mismanagement or misinformation were not loyal?
  • Received a salary and benefit package that was greater than the salary of the president of the US?

     If the Flower Mound city manager had all the above attributes on his resume, would his continued employment with the city really be on the line?
     Or, has the Flower Mound city council actually not sipped the Kool-Aid provided by their city manager regarding the transparency of his operations on behalf of the city.