Friday, September 21, 2012

ZAP! #101: The Glass Quote

ZAP! #101

     For many moons now, the CCR has been a proponent and practicer of civil discourse in our reports regarding the local political scene.  (If you just spewed your morning coffee through your nose, we apologize.)
     However, we can state that no cat has been kicked unless absolutely necessary or warranted.  And certainly, no sacred cow has been butchered unless our freezer was empty.
     Having said that, we would like to formally recognize the winner of the CCRs “2012 Irving Political Quote Not Requiring Parsing Award.”  And the winner is: 

Mayor Beth Van Duyne
“I would argue he is a whore, and he sells out to whoever is willing to pay him the most,” Van Duyne said.

     The above was in reference to mayor Van Duyne commenting in a Dallas Morning News article* regarding information contained in the Anthony Bond, a local political agitator, affidavit related to the lawsuit filed against the city by the Las Colinas Group.  Apparently, Bond may have been the conduit for ferrying sports venue tickets from a city contractor to the Irving city manager’s front door.
     While the CCR supports truth in advertising and politicos spouting the truth, we find it appalling that the mayor’s statement makes this the first time we have used the word ‘whore’ in any CCR report.  After all, this is a family (dysfunctional as it may be) publication that is designed for those of voting age.
     Sure, we have identified a few of the local ‘political pimps’ who buy/fund/own some local elected officials.  But, we haven’t called those in the political pimp’s stable whores!  In fact, the CCR always allows readers to connect those dots and make their own judgement.
     As winner of the “2012 Irving Political Quote Not Requiring Parsing Award,” the mayor will be provided with a luxurious weekend stay -- that includes a suite of rooms, meals, spa treatment and pedicure (in anticipation of kicking another constituent without causing nail damage) -- at the 4 Seasons Hotel complements of the Irving chamber of commerce via funds provided by the city’s consulting contract.
     The only suggestion the CCR would have for the mayor is she might want to ensure that her glass house is built with shatter proof glass.  There has been a rash of rock throwing in the city lately.